In the autumn season, the words are nourishing


In the autumn season, the words are nourishing

Speaking of scorpions, everyone is no stranger, it has long been a nourishing ingredient for people.

Soaking water, into soup or porridge, cooking, often seeing red scorpions appear on our table.

However, there are some people who have misunderstandings about the method of eating cockroaches. Today, I will talk to you about these things. First, the origin of the scorpion must be the only place where the authenticity of Ningxia 鏋告潪 is the only geographical protection product of China’s 鏋告潪 origin.Known as “the world is in China, China is in Ningxia, Ningxia is the best in the world”.

鏋告潪: a multi-branched deciduous shrub belonging to the genus Solanaceae, alias red fruit, red earrings, blood scorpion, eyesight, scorpion fruit, scorpion hoof, scorpion milk, long grass, celestial grass, taro, ground bone andEarth gluten, etc., have hi-light, salt-tolerant, fertilizer-resistant, drought-tolerant, water-staining characteristics, and the special geological and temperature of Ningxia has made this medicine and food the same.

Its medicine part is not only a scorpion, but also a scorpion leaf, a root, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a treasure!

Second, the scorpion has a lot of nutrients, and the mature fruit of the scorpion contains too much betaine, atropine, celestial amine, jade scutellaria, acid oxidant erythropoietin, cryptoxanthin, scutellarin, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C.

The medlar contains 16 kinds of amino acids required by the human body; it also contains potassium, calcium, sodium, zinc, iron, copper, chromium, strontium, lead, nickel, cadmium, cobalt, magnesium and other elements.

It has a glycoside polysaccharide that promotes immunity and has a content of 7.

09%; taurine, 纬-aminobutyric acid.

You can understand it when you see it here. There are so many nutrients hidden in a scorpion. I didn’t know it before!

Modern medical research shows that scorpion is rich in nutrients and various pharmacological components, which protect the heart, liver, kidney, brain, regulate nerves, enhance immune function, repair retinal nerves, improve arteriosclerosis, and delay the progress of cell aging.And lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar and other effects.

Foreign pharmacological experts said that the “vitamin X” contained in the sputum is “retaining vitamins”, also known as “an old holy drug.”

It is no wonder that foreign friends often find sputum in the dinner plate, snack bag, and tea cup when they are in the circle of friends!

Third, the choice of methods, master the skills more assured (a), understand the level standards, to the heart of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Health issued six standards of grading: Gongguo: 180-200 / 50 grams;King: 220 capsules / 50 grams; Premium: 280 capsules / 50 grams; Special grade: 370 capsules / 50 grams; Grade A: 580 capsules / 50 grams; requires uniform particle size, no dry seeds, oil particles, impurities, insectsMildew.

Grade B: 980 tablets / 50 grams, oil particles not more than 15%, no impurities, insects, mold and other particles.

Organic cockroaches need to be: no wash, no pesticides, no heavy metal residues.

(2), picking 鏋告潪 has skills, five essentials to remember 1, color: Ningxia 鏋告潪 color is red or dark red, dull 2, shape: Ningxia glutinous rice, thick meat, thin skin, the shape of the spindle.

The apex has a small alignment of the style of the stigma, and the base has white stalk marks.

3, the proportion: Ningxia 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 tea or soaking water, many will lie on the water, generally will not sink to the bottom.

Qinghai, Inner Mongolia will sink.

4, feel: a hundred can not be like a pinch, grab a hand into the hand and gently pinch, then let go, Ningxia will not agglomerate, it will be easy to spread.

5, taste: taste the taste of 鏋告潪, Ningxia 鏋告潪 will taste sweet first, then a bit of bitter taste.

Qinghai and Inner Mongolia produce a bit sweet and greasy.

(3) By using your eyes, you can identify whether the sulphur-smelling sputum is sulphur-smoke. You can hold it with your hands for a while, then put it under the nose and smell it. If you can smell the irritating smell, then you canI am sure I have been smoked.

Fourth, 鏋告潪 is a treasure, but it is not a suitable history for everyone. It has a long history as a nourishing product of merger and consumption. It is a very safe food. There is no toxin in it. It is a kind of worthwhile.A large number of health foods that are eaten and eaten for a long time.

The most suitable for eating is the weak constitution, poor resistance, especially the liver, gout, frequent drinking, excessive use of eyes (long-term mobile phone, TV, computer, etc.) people should eat.

The right people, because of its warm body effect is quite strong, is suffering from fever, body inflammation, diarrhea is best not to eat.

In addition, people who are too tempted, or who consume a lot of meat on weekdays, may not want to eat.

Not suitable for external heat, spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

Fifth, there are many ways to eat cockroaches. It is the last word to eat if you eat it. You must stick to it for a long time. You can eat it a little bit every day to be effective.

At least, healthy adults should eat about 20 grams per day. If you want to try the treatment, it is best to eat about 30 grams a day.

There are many ways to eat scorpions. It is best to use your mouth directly. The absorption of nutrients in the scorpion will be more sufficient, and it will be more beneficial to the health effects of sputum.

I often eat 鏋告潪 can be beauty, which many people do not know.

Sixth, good ingredients should be done, nutrition nourishing delicious small series as a nutritionist, can not just talk about the theory, but also recommend several kinds of health care to eat: 1, 鏋告潪 spinach pig liver soup ingredients: pig liver 200 grams or so,Three spinach, simmering seasoning: oil, salt, ginger, cooking wine, garlic, green onion practices: (1), pig liver sliced, washed under the tap, soaked in plenty of water for about an hour, because the liver is detoxificationOrgans, so by soaking, rinsing, the toxins are washed away.

(2) Put the water in the pot and boil it. Put the soaked pig liver into the water, force the blood out, and rinse it under the tap.

Spinach whole tree washed, go to the root; (3) ginger, green onions, garlic mince, put the liver, ginger, ginger and garlic on the soup pot, add cooking wine, put oil, fire, boil, turn to low heat, cook until soup thick, putWash in a clean pot, then put in the spinach and season with salt.

鏋告潪 spinach pork liver soup 2, stewed chicken soup ingredients: half chicken, glutinous rice 20g seasoning: ginger, onion, salt, cooking wine practices: (1) wash the chicken into the appropriate size of the casserole; (2) put enoughCold water (not over the ingredients), after the water is opened, remove the blood and then add cooking wine, ginger, change to a small fire and slowly stew until the smash (usually at 1.

5 hours or so); (3) After the smashing, add onions, salt and simmer for another 1-2 minutes, turn off the heat, and serve.鏋告潪 stew chicken soup 3, 鏋告潪鐜夊叞鐖嗚櫨浠?raw materials: fresh shrimp, 鏋告潪 seasoning: salt, raw meal, egg white, cooking wine, oil, onion, ginger practices: (1) simmering water, shrimp washed and peeled, remove the sputum line,After washing, control the water; (2) add salt, understand, egg white, raw powder and mix well, cover with plastic wrap, marinate the film for 2 hours; (3) heat the oil pan, add ginger and fragrant, add shrimp fastStir fry, add the scallions and stir fry a few times before the pan.

鏋告潪鐜夊叞鐖嗚櫨浠?, 鏋告潪鍙戠硶 main raw materials: wheat flour 500g, corn flour 200g, 鏋告潪80g accessories: baking powder 3g, yeast (dry) 4g steps: (1) preparation materials; (2) yeastIn 130g warm water (water temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees), let stand for a few minutes; (3) 30g glutinous rice, wheat flour, corn flour, baking powder, white sugar and evenly mixed; (4) pour yeast water, stir and mixAfter the dough, take 50g and mix evenly; (5) put the kneaded dough into the steamer with gauze; (6) put the dough in a warm place and ferment it to a large one of the original volume, and smash it on the surface of the dough.

Cold water pot, steam for about 20 minutes on a big fire. After steaming, suffocate for a few minutes before opening the lid.

I have said so much about the cockroaches about the cockroaches. I think everyone has a better understanding of cockroaches and hopes to help everyone in purchasing cockroaches and eating cockroaches.

In this autumn season, do a healthy and delicious meal for your family!

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