The premise is that the alliance is back。

Because of Alsace’s defection,Lordaeron’s domestic military system has substantially collapsed,The largest kingdom within the alliance has fallen into disorderly chaos。
Even many people in Lordaeron don’t believe that such a huge change happened in Lordaeron.,Think this is an inferior malicious joke。
But the escape of hundreds of thousands of refugees cannot be faked。
Lordaeron is indeed suffering, right?。
When Uther got the news,It’s already five days after Lordaeron’s great changes。
The Lightbringer destroyed a fortress of Blackrock Orcs,Sitting on the sand table of the orcs,Blocking urgent letters over and over again。
again and again。
“grown ups?”
Uther’s adjutant noticed that he looked different,Ask in a low voice。
“Gather people,Pass the whole army,Ready to retreat。”
Uther calmed down,Added a sentence。
“Draft documents and send them to Menethil Harbor quickly,Get them ready to ship,Lordaeron needs us。”
Not to doubt the loyalty of the Knights of the Silver Hand,But Uther decided to conceal the news for now。