“Yes,Thank you for the king of Tiger.。”

Dongxing,Two tigers,Huang Mao,Xu Wenqiang,Big fly,Army,Lin proud and others heard a laugh.,His face with excitement。
White,Xu Fengli,Ye Tian Cang also looked at the Tiger King,They also want to http://www.sbkjj.cn see what the tiger king and the evil turtle are discussing something.。
Tiger Wang Wen Yan nodded,I immediately spit out a big word,It’s like lightning.,And the front is marked in front of the name.,But this name is two goods golden dragon,Another king。
Two goods golden dragon:“paralysis,Follow my faint!”
Wang Ba:“Hitch your sister,Laozi bird you!”
Two goods golden dragon:“wipe,Dare to bother,Brother taught you today.。”
Wang Ba:“That look at how much you have.!”
Two goods golden dragon:“Hey-hey,Then try,did you see?My buddies are waiting.,White tiger,Today, our brothers are playing,Kick, do you know??This is a tall entertainment activity。”
Wang Ba:“I rubbed!”
Two goods golden dragon:“You don’t want to escape,Your brother is more than ten times more than you.,That’s ten streets。”
Wang Ba:“I rubbed!”
“Ha ha!”
“Killing me!”
“Simply like……”
Big fly,Dongxing,Xu Wenqiang,Two tigers,Huang Mao,Lin proud and others looked at this scene and couldn’t help but laugh.,Even step into the old white loan,Xu Fengli,Ye Tian Cang also couldn’t help but laugh and looked at this scene.。
The voices of the evil turtles are constantly coming,Because the tiger king spit out these big words,Is there a dissipation?,Directly flying into the empty,Very large,And each is a golden font。
These fonts are light。
I can’t see it.。
Plus everyone crazy laughter,Let the evil turtle anger,This is the most humiliated thing since it was born.,But escape.?I can’t escape at all.,It wants to escape the water?There seems no chance in front of the golden big snake.。
Even in the water it is more golden big python。
Alternative battles in the void continue,Suddenly, the evil turtle sent a http://www.finnspace.cn voice.,Its sound emitted,Golden big puppet stopped fighting,But it flew out of the two。
Directly stop this evil turtle directly from other two directions。
“how?Don’t want to fight?”Golden Big Pyra:“With brother,You find abuse.?”
“what the hell do you want?”The evil turtles are dead and stare at the golden big pour。
“One sentence,Follow us。”At this time, the figure of the tiger king down from the sky.,It is magnificent,Rolling,With rolling momentum,Directly spit a few golden characters。
“Humph,Our well is not committed to river water,Don’t do things too much,White tiger!”The evil turtle is dead and staring at the Tiger King.。
“Well water does not commit river water?you are wrong,The woman who has gone before and your battle,Do you know who she is??”Golden Dragon Big Python Spits a few words。
“Emperor?”Evil http://www.cdczjx.cn turtles spit out a few words。
“good,It is the emperor of the night,This woman is our boss woman.,You said that you hurt what the consequences he is?”Golden Big Pyra。
“Humph!”The evil mouth is cold:“Do you want me to give you a given??”
“good。”Tiger Wang exposed a swelling tooth road:“Let’s go with us.,You can’t run,I don’t believe that our brothers will kick you today.。”
The evil turtle is suddenly turned to a horrible breath,The scarlet scorpion stared at the tiger king and the golden big snake.。
“Don’t think we can’t help you。”Golden Big Pyra:“We attacked,How long can you?”