“Haha,You can call me Koland。”This sanctuary powerhouse showed a smile,“rest assured,I am not hostile,The two went to the wedding of the little guy in Mermaid Castle?”

“Yes!”Wright and Cecilia looked at each other,Speak by Wright“Maui·Gaskell and I are friends at the college。His big wedding,I will come here naturally。”
“So!”The sanctuary powerhouse who http://www.snshucai.cn claims to be Koland smiles,“I also came to the wedding,Mermaid Castle is in that direction–”He pointed his finger,Then smiled again“I won’t bother you two,See you at the wedding。”
Finished,This sanctuary powerhouse flew away quickly。
After a while,Cecilia knocked her head:“Wright,He claims‘Koland’,Not the one I guessed!”
“should be!”Wright rolled his eyes“The Duke of the First Mermaid Castle—husband,The ancestors of the entire Gaskell family,Unexpectedly, he would attend Maui’s wedding!So Maui’s wedding will not change。”
“Probably not,There are strong sanctuary。”Cecilia holding Wright’s hand,Whispered。
Of course Wright knew,This one‘Sanctuary strong’Not referring to Koland。
With Koland to guide,Soon Elek flew to the sky above Mermaid Island。
Mermaid Island is the largest island in the Thousand Islands Province,It also has an area of 10,000 square miles,The whole island is long and narrow,The north-south distance is eight hundred miles long,And the east-west direction is much narrower。
Mermaid Island itself is the most prosperous place in Thousand Islands Province,Besides, the Duke’s recent wedding,There are so many guests coming and going naturally。Ships of different sizes shuttle between Mermaid Island and neighboring islands。
Different from the regions on the mainland,Thousand Islands Province on most of the sea,There are almost no walls。Here after all,The ocean naturally replaced the role of the city wall。Similarly, there is no entry tax,After all, at the southernmost point of this empire,It is also the best port,Trade taxes have already softened the lord of Mermaid Castle。
Wright and Cecilia holding hands and strolling in a market on Mermaid Island,And Imperial Capital,Province with sunset、A completely different style of Xley province is coming。
There were cries mixed with local dialects from both http://www.wanwan998.cn sides,Bargaining,Let them have a very novel experience。
Elek folded his wings and shook his head and followed behind him,But the merchants and customers on the side are not surprised。
Although the Thousand Islands Province is a rather peaceful area,The strong are not too many。But in mermaid island,Various caravans,There are magicians and warriors with monsters。Although Elek is a bit older,It’s not the more common type of monsters in the Thousand Islands Province.,But that’s it。