“cheers!”Fault also smiled and picked up the wine cup。

Two people drink。
Tang Sichuan put down the wine glass:“Dragon is old,Take goods!”
“Ha ha,it is good!”A Tang family sitting in Tang Sichuan directly took out a box,The box is customized with old banyan trees.。
Dragon is old, put the box directly on the table.,Founded to open the box,Form eight wood guns in the box,Qing one color century old pear tree,Gun one meter,The above is engraved with the imprint of Tang family。
This shot is actually the revision of the Tianluo。
Generally, networks customized with rope can trap the ordinary people,But the power of the 气 is not good.,And the net made of steel wire can trap the power of the horizontal level,But the half-step martial arts level is dangerous.,As for the strong people of the martial arts, one of the martial arts。
I can shocked the iron network。
And half-step gap level master is more horrible,Iron mesh hood,Like the air。
Moreover, you took the iron network, and you can’t hold it.,What’s more is a half-step?,And it is not ascertain。
But the people of Tang family invented a network.。
When this network didn’t break out, it was a round ball of egg size.,Once the outbreak is like lightning,Can9The area of the rice is covered in it.,The gap between the rope is even a squid.,The rope is extremely strong。
This is the use of the silkworm silkworm。
Silkworm,It is the most precious silkworm in the world.,Originate from the Arctic。
Even if the martial arts are difficult to shock,Real semi-step magical strength is also trapped for three seconds。
Three seconds of time look short,But can kill dozens of enemies。
And the Tianluo land itself takes aggression,When you broke out, you are covered.9Rice area,However, in the next moment, it will light up to the central,Will form a powerful attack power,The martial arts must be shocked,Bonded,Very compact,Be trapped。
This is the power of the Tianluo。
Manufacturing raw materials are precious,Manufacturing technology cumbersome,There are many big forces in the world to take back research.,But from Datang to now,But there is no for http://www.huxiziyou.cn a force, it can be imitated.。
After entering the high-tech era,Tang family’s people integrate a new force,That is electricity,The binding people will explode terrible currents,Added new attack power。
Therefore, the world’s major forces robbed the purchase。
French looked at the eighteen wood gun inside the box,His face revealed a ribbon,Originally customized,But the other people of the Yellow Team have an order to order nine.,The French is in order to order the eighteen poles.,But the price is expensive。
Interpretation given in Tangxichuan,Is the Tang family originally sold to others,This time I sell it to you.,Calculate a liquidated contract。
“Grandmaster,how?”Tangxi laughs:“If the master is not accustomed to the gun,Can take the inside of the Tianguonet,It’s enough to smash your hand.,As long as you get into the area of the square,People can’t run。”
NS243chapter http://www.selmarkshop.cn Highly drifting crash
“Yes,Grandmaster,This time I suggest that you have gathered the monkeys in Southeast Asia.,Then throw it directly,Then you will take a gun or use your fist.,beat。”Dragon is always attached to。
Tell this,The monetary monk of the Tzan of the French is bright.,Obviously these days and some people in Southeast Asian five-poisonous people have no less than a loss.。
“Call with a gun,In1000Miyuan area,Playwat,This martial arts can’t run。”Tangxi laughs:“Unless his speed exceeds the half-step ephesome。”
“Amitabha,Tang Shao,Dragon is old,This batch is no problem,make a deal。”Fault is high, a Buddha:“Southeast Asia’s resolution,Must be visited。”
“Master polite,We are all people,If it is not with Southeast Asia to help monkeys agreement,I have already taken people to find people.。”Tangxi laughs。
“Tang Shao,Heartless,Since this,We will leave,Going to Southeast Asia immediately。”Law,He clonted between the box to stand up。
“it is good,Since the master has something wrong,I will not leave the master.。”Tang Xichuan smiled and stood up。
“Amitabha!”Fault remarkably announced a Buddha number。
Then lead the other three monks out of the box.,Tang Sichuan also went out to send the law,Everyone came downstairs,Downstairs parked a luxury car against a car,Among them, there is a luxury car is Datang off-road vehicle.,Even if the rocket is also difficult to destroy。
Four people sit in the car,Tell the voice and drive to the car105National road。
“Tang Yong earned many。”Dragon, long laughing。
“Don’t black this help??Under the bottom of the sky is the most black,Don’t look at this, these monk, Amitabha,But the bottom is more than anyone else.,The mainland is not the rise of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,It seems that it is very powerful by this helper.。”Tangxi laughs:“Put the stone as a golden sale,Two thousand stone images,Scented casually double price increase。”
“Tang Shao,You don’t know,In fact, this monk is more black than you imagined.,I heard that their incense has changed.,The speed of good burning is very fast,Original a incense burner72Root,But now I heard that I have to burn108Root。”Dragon Road:“In this way, the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce will pay for a few billions.。”
“I rubbed,I knew that Laozi raised the price of this day.!”Tang Xichuan went to hear a way:“Black,It seems that Laozi is still not black.。”
“In short, this Qinglong Chamber will be unlucky.。”Dragon Road:“If it is still lack of money,I am afraid that I have to change the time of fragrant burning.,Burning hundreds one day!”