Li Tianzhen’s mood suddenly became relaxed and cheerful,It’s not convenient to run around right now,It seems we still have to stay in Liuyun View。Let’s see how Qingyunzi reacts,If you play stupidly,He said nothing,Talk to Baiyun in private,If you really can’t take in,Or find the captain through the old ways,Return to the village in the city,Not necessarily bad,The only regret is that we can’t know what Zhang Zhiqiang is doing。

Nothing to do,Li Tianzhen was lying on the bed and spinning slowly‘Po Tian Luo’Starting point,‘Pokun Yujue’,Upside down Xuanhuang,A waste of time,Caused by the collapse from existence to nothing,To gather together from scratch as a result。 Sounds mysterious,Actually destroy everything,The process of re-establishing the big cycle,Li Tianzhen is temporarily afraid to touch the gods,I don’t understand […]

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