Nothing wrong,The reason to build your ownIDCengine room,It can be said that this is the idea。

After all, I really have to count it,If it is not for commercial operation considerations,In fact, renting computing power is more cost-effective than building a data computing center by yourself。
Not to mention Wang Yufei and Gao Deyuan’s relationship,Basically, you don’t have to line up to rent computing power。
Regarding Wang Yufei’s remarks,Ma Huaide is very helpless。
“such,Given that my previous cooperation with Yingyongbao is fairly pleasant,If you really need money to enjoy technology one day,I will let usCEOGive priority to penguin。”
“Yes,I dug up Ms. Ge Lingyue of Apple China as the CEO of Changxiang Technology!”
263 Worth one trillion,USD!(5/6)
There is no doubt that Ge Lingyue is a very capable woman。
But for this kind of company is still in its infancy,Someone intends to withdraw directly from the company’s specific affairs,How to find a professional manager directly……
Ok,Ma Huaide can confirm。
start a company,Wang Yufei is not too serious。
What is most annoying about people with money?
Maybe there are people in this world who don’t love money,Even too much money,I can’t send it。