Los Angeles Daily,Houston Times,American Basketball News and a series of paper media,Put Kobe in front of Drexler and Elie,The picture of the horizontal drift and the lore shot is printed on the cover。

《Wonder Boy,The beginning of the legend》
《49Minute,Rookie beats Houston》
《Arrogant rookie,Dominate the Great Western Forum Arena》
《18Young and3The story the giants have to tell》
A long article begins to tell about Kobe and the game,The last game in Houston had no influence at all.。The last game was just dragged to the exhaustion of the Big Three,And this time it’s the Big Three。
The U.S. media certainly knows what this means,The wonderful pictures of Kobe’s previous series of games have also been unearthed。
The name Kobe Bryant,Really hot。
The sensation caused by this game will never reach the fan circle,It also caused an uproar among the coaches and players of the NBA。
“Harris this old thing,The tactic is getting more and more demon。”Suns coach,Danny Angie eagerly studied several tactics of the Lakers in this game。
Whether it’s the hands between the high guards,Continuous high block screen,The exploding kick-off made him watch repeatedly,Repeat learning。
“so amazing!Hey,Who is next to,Come and watch!”
Nash walked to the screen,sigh:“Turns out you are so good。”
After Phil Jackson watched the video of the game,Called Michael Jordan and watched it again。
“how to think?”
“Very strong,But not my opponent。”
“Who is your opponent?”