Lin loudly a sword forced back and retreat,After retreating,A remembering。

The city owner did not expect Lin Run when the festival was defeated.,I still dare to reveal the flaws to raise hands。
Because it is too uncomfortable,The sword in your hand didn’t catch the flaws just now.,Have to pay,Hurray。
Just feel that the power of this punch is in his sword,Like a mountain falling。
After the city is barely blocks,On the side of the big mouth:
“It seems that the blood jackets have come over.。”
Lin responded to his own merits weapon,The city owner saw this weapon to zoom,Incredible question:
“you,You are the gine forest?”
“Congratulations to the right,Unfortunately no reward。”
The city owner wants to break the window,But the ax in the hand has been cut to him.。
The hands of the hands of the hand lift the sword。
Sword and ax collision,It is strong and weakly visible。
Sword sounds。
Lin Rong’s ax is about to divide his head.。
The city owner shouted,The body has entered a black light,Block the ax in the hand blocked。
Forest is staring at the people in front of him。
He felt unusual,Is Yuan infant??
Is this kind of person worth protection??
Obviously it is not worth it。
After the death of the city,The frightened rushing:
“I am a person in the South San China.,As long as you spare me,Waiting for our army,Let you become a yang。”
so it is。
No wonder there will be a power to protect him.。
It seems that it should be an important leader.!
but,Tianshan City City is the details of the South Festival City,This matter is indeed surprising。
And the conditions he said have been sufficiently attacked.,Unfortunately, it is a yang,Lin ran more attention。
Hands in your hands,That black light appeared again, this person。
At the same time, accompanied by a blurred vain.:
“Bold。If you dare to break the big thing in the South San China,The old man is going to be cramps you。”
Lin Xiang,Acknowledge。
Maybe the real thing will come to himself.,I want to scare myself.?
It’s alusively.。
The ax in the hand does not leave the black light.,The situation has passed the neck of the city owner。
Vivid shadow should be such a bold,Angry shout: