“Don’t think about doing anything outrageous,If you confront Shimuluo http://www.tjb-art.cn on the spot,On the contrary, the Cheng’s family style was even worse,You don’t understand this.?”

Cheng Yunxiao can see the thoughts of the people in front of him,I probably want to take this opportunity to make up for my previous mistakes。
“I won’t hurt you。”Li Hao sees through by Cheng Yunxiao,Just say what’s in my heart。
“I told you not to be stupid!”Cheng Yunxiao stopped the other party’s outrageous plan,“Even if you don’t get involved with me,Can you get rid of the Cheng family??The Cheng family will still be affected in the end。”
She has always been calm and worried this time,Since she took over the Cheng family from her father,I vowed to carry forward the family,sometimes,Her reputation doesn’t matter,But we must not let the Cheng family be ashamed。
Of course she objected to another layer hidden in her heart,Unknowable reason,http://www.taoforest.cnAfter all,She doesn’t want Li Hao to take risks。
Li Hao is her person,Can hurt him,Only her Cheng Yunxiao,She won’t allow anyone to touch his finger。
Even if one day she found out that Li Hao really betrayed her,She has to do it herself,End the other’s life。
Thought of here,Cheng Yunxiao’s heart suddenly sour,She didn’t know why she thought of it naturally“betray”This topic,Obviously there is no evidence,She should have maintained the initial trust in Li Hao.……
“You go out first,The reception will be held in three days,You go with me,Remember to prepare all the dresses。”
Cheng Yunxiao is a little tired,Decided to take a good rest,Think about the future。
“Yes。understood。”Li Hao turned and left,Watching Cheng Yunxiao smoke one by one,Pursed his lips,Finally, he whispered quietly,“Pay attention to your body……”
“……I have a sense of http://www.szyfxr.cn measure。”
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Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty One Blessing
Although it is summer,Shi Mu Luo is still dressed in trousers and long coats in early spring,I even have a pair of white gloves on my hand,And this pair of gloves,Almost no one saw her take it off。
Fortunately, the previous explosion did not hurt her face,But there are many burn scars and surgical suture marks all over the body,Especially the hands she has always been proud of,Now, even if I look at it every day, it upsets her,Just cover it with cloth。