The more I want him, I feel that I am used.。

Since land transported him,Then he decided to use land.。
Let Li take the wind and then pack up the land,That, I can say that Li Hui’s ability can get the land.,His successful opportunity can also be a bit possible。
Otherwise, the existence of land transport,He does not have any opportunities。
Think here,He laughed。
Directly found land repair。
When he saw that land repaired in the class, he worked in the class.,The whole person is stunned.。
“Land repair,You come out。”
Lu Zi is also a glimpse,But it is a laugh.。
He knows that you can not accept this cousin.,I still want to continue to follow Li.。
I thought I had a promise for my old say before I was awarded him.,His heart is a big laugh。
Since Li Hui is coming, he feels that now, it has matured.。
Look at things is no longer as good as the original。
“director,What do you have to find me??”
“Go to my office。”
Said that Lu Zi also did not have a gaze of other students in the class.,Directly twisted。
And Lu Zi Xiu also hurriedly。
Come to the office of Luzi,Lu Zhihua is also released.。
“Hey-hey,cousin,You won’t want to deal with Li Hui?
He is giving Wu Feiyang.,I think that we should give up!”
“Then,http://www.nipponpaintshop.cnHow many times I have already slept with Li Hui Rong,You are not even more。”
Don’t mention Qin Xue is still good,One mention Qin Snow,Lu Tian has a feeling of anger。
At the same time, I feel that I can’t stand the cousin.。
“Cousin,My brother, this time, I really want to deal with Li’s wind.,But thinking,I must not do it alone.,Still need to have a brief, horses help.。”
One heard this,Lu Zi did not want to move his head directly.。
“cousin,Don’t make trouble,I don’t want to be embarrassed by him.,He is really going to die.,And the last thing I can feel that he is really a heart.。”
“hehe,Who let you stand on a face??
I will let you stand behind this time.,How about it?
Is there interest?”
Lu Tian said like this,Lu Zi still disagree。
“cousin,Too dangerous,forget it,Take advantage of now, he has not pericated what you do.。”
“Cousin,You do not understand,You haven’t grown up yet,The face is more important than life for a man.。”