Lin Yu doesn’t want to continue wasting this time。

quickly,The two returned to the agency again。
Sign up,Pay the bill,The whole process down,It took another hour。
of course,Money used to pay,All use company。
Finish this,After getting the key to the villa。
Lin Yu thinks,Buy daily necessities such as beds,It’s better to call my wife to see。
Think of this one,I called Lu Yingying again,Let her take a long time off,Come and see the new house now。
“Husband,You really bought a villa with full money?”
Lu Yingying rushed to Baiyunli Intermediary Office by taxi,See Lin Yu waiting for herself at the door,Ask seriously。
“Ok,Bought,And it’s a villa。”
Lin Yu finished,Raise the piece in hand,These are all signed and transferred。
“Oh my god!Turned out to be true。
wrong,You came to buy a villa with so much money?”