He said seriously:“I and Director Chen is a group.,Now he goes out clinic.,Everything in the ward is handed over.,If you don’t sign this word,Then I will report this matter into adverse events.。”

Li Si Feng knows what is a bad event,Still a deeper:“Go http://www.51weixi.cnaway,Your group of little doctors,I won’t sign any words.。”
Zhou Ye went to leave the ward。
Intern just wants to keep up,I saw Zhou Ye said.“Waiting for me”。
Is it going to please Director??
Intern standing in the ward and Li Si Feng face,Li Sifeng is proud of his face,I thought my own trick.。
Not a while,I saw a piece of paper in Ye Ye.,Rush。
Li Sifeo saw the paper in his hand,Unused:“Not to say that it is not signed??Let you come。”
At this time, the temperament of Wanyan has begun to change.,I have become a lot of fierce.。
God seems to have Li Si Feng to die。
He said:“There is also a refusal of the treatment consent.,If you don’t sign the previous two consent,Then, the representative refuses to continue in our hospital.,Then please sign the hospital。”
This is a small town by Zhou Ye.,Now listen now“Discharge”,Li Shufeng suddenly panicked the phone in the original hand slipped into the bed。
“Why do you rush me?,I have paid the money.。”Li Sifeng still does not die。
See,Zhou Ye is a smile。
“I am going to do things according to the process.,Every sentence I said is protected by medical safety.,If you refuse to treat,Then you must sign it out of hospital.,If you want to play without rogue,I don’t mind reporting you as a bad event.,Then let the police station to solve this。”
“you……you!”Li Sifeng is in a hurry,I don’t know what to say in a moment.。
Zhou Ye:“What are you??You still have to climb up and hit me.,You have to dare to do,I didn’t have a hundred or million this fall.,I can’t get up.。”
This is very intentional,Even a little bit,But Zhou Ye is assisted in this kind of person.,It should be rogue。
Li Shufeng is silent,Zhou Jixu finally used the last sentence to the last bottom gas。
“I can declare first,If you are discharged,Tianfeng City is now due to epidemic relations,The ward is very nervous,http://www.dlmsmy.cn If you come again,You have to live in an emergency.。”
A small meeting,I saw that Li Sifeng silently will inevitably be in the treatment table.72The hourly informed consent book and the inforismous choice agreement book silently silently。
Ghost fucking will live in this time.。
A group of new crown in the screening。
Who is going to fool?。
Two people walk out of the ward。
The little interns has erected a thumbs up to Zhou Ye.,“The academic is just really windy.。”
Zhou Ye sighed,“Too much better。”
What is this??