The summer is slightly marked in the summer.,“Seven holy?”
Liuzi’s eyes reveals a grievance,“It is the strongest young man in the ancient Wujie.,Seven young people reaching to the holy。”
Summer slightly,“How did I not hear it being said?
It seems that many martial arts in the ancient martial arts are not exposed.。”
Liu Zi smiled,“What you said,The majority of the ancient martial arts,It is definitely not as simple as the surface.,Even many small martial arts inherited the millennium,In fact, the seven young holy is a long time called Qixing Yao.,Every time in the teenager,After that, I was fully cultivated by the martial art.,Under normal circumstances,Will not participate in various issues in the world,When they reach the sacred,It has become a seven young holy。”
Summer silence。
A few seconds,He turned around,“These three people have hostile to me.?”
Liuzi eye wave flow,Have to admire summer sharp thinking,“They are the sea clouds from the arrow gate, respectively.,Luo Duo, lotus,And Huashan School’s Ling Ming。”
Summer frown,“In addition to the lotus,I have no grievances with the gathers and Huashan pie.。”
“This is not a personal grievance。”
Liuzi’s sound quality is beautiful,Espur,“Since you return to China,Kill someone who does not know how many ancient martial art,Although it was pressed down,On the one hand, it is shocked to your own strength.,On the other hand, it is derived from your identity and background.,Let many ancient Wamemen is quite jealous。”
Toned,Also,“But this time is different.,You have a big movement in the Holy Church.,I have already passed back to the ancient weapon,Important,That person appeared again,He wants to kill you,Natural people can’t hate him。”
that person?
Summer eyes never,“Rush?”
Liuzi’s eyes have a fear in the depths of the eyes,A hatred,“Although I have not experienced the matter,But from my master’s mouth,What a strong thing is that person?,A person who kills the entire ancient martial art,And our Kunlun School……The master being killed in the year。”
Summer is silent in summer。
“Although the major ancient martial arts is quite respectful,After all, it is the future generation of Dazun.,And for so many years,Every time the ancestral hall is open,There are a lot of outstanding children to seek opportunities.,Many ancient martial arts must bear their feelings。”
Merely,Swift,“but,Now is not ancient times,Diki,There is no ancient times so pure,The ear can talk out,Obviously you have to save you,But that person does not necessarily sell ear home,These three people come,It is used to test the bottom line and attitude of ear home.。”
Summer road,Interrogate,“How did you know these??
Why tell me?。”
“I have already said it just now.,Their Kunlun sent the most miserable……”Not finished,Suddenly stop。
Summer lifts the head,Look down on。
Three people walking in the mountains in front。
Three men in black robes,First is a young man,About 30 years old,Leave a black long hair,Smile。
His dress is also very strange。
Grab a black big bow in hand,Behind the arrow,It seems to give people a very dangerous feeling。
“Early,Liu Shi。”
Young big step,Looking at the gimmick,The eyes are blind in the depth,Soon converge,“Liu Shi,Yesterday, I said it.,Why don’t you wait for me?。”
“Haiyun Tian,I don’t seem to promise you.。”
Liuzi face is cold,Contempted opposite youth,Flash a dislike。
“Ha ha,correct,What happened to your brother?,I still think about him.。”
Merely,He seems to discover the summer,Casual,Receipt,Re-point to Liuzi。
“My brother is in the back,He didn’t have time。”