What status is!
One person under one person,Tens of thousands of people。
Under the premise of the city master,The military horse money in the city is all in charge of the owner of the city.。
This position,Not only identity,Also indicates the rise of a strong rising。
Fengpaic City is no deputy owner,All the city guards listened to the city owner Wang Qing。
Even he is in the city main office,Unable to appear,Also controlled everything with a huge mind。
Now, what is given below this right?……Xia Master?
To know,There are four directions in the four directions of the big winds.,It is also the weak place of defense。
Summer place in Nancheng,Many human warrs and city,I have seen his extraordinary,Almost one thousand people’s martial arts。
Other three-city wall direction, the citywide and human warrior,But did not see this scene。
What is this master?!
The city owner actually appointed his deputy owner,Field all-city army?
Wanhao City,The lowest is the medium term。
More than 20 people,Ling Taiwan is successfully reached more than thousands。
They are scattered in four towns,Need to charge,Also lead the direction of human warfare。
Now the city owner actually promotes one of them who don’t know.,Take over the city guard,This makes many people unclear,Also have a variety of distresses。
“Who can tell me,Who is this so-called Xia Master??”
“Unclear,I only know,The goal of the sea demon is so big,Shundou,Obviously the soldiers taboo。”
“Yes,This is a war,Not a husband,The deputy owner will not be hot,Command us to rush out……”
In addition, the city guards of the three gates are quickly exchanged with their minds.。
Some people are dissatisfied,Someone is cold,Someone reported,Waiting for a joke。
certainly,No one dares to jump at this time.。
These city guards don’t know,Summer is also stunned at the moment.。
He is not interested in the so-called power.,No one。
Before going to save people,One is a humanitarian,Second, it is a murderer,Collect the soul at the same time。
Today’s destination has reached,I didn’t expect the city master Wang Qing to come.。
Interrogate,I have passed into the ear.。
“Little friend,I know that you will be a bit awkward as a deputy town.,However, the battle is urgent,I can’t appear again.,Once the city breaks,Human billionaire,I hope that my little friend is not going to。”
Wang Qing doesn’t know the life of summer。
Some people call him only before passing‘Xia Master’‘Summer brother’呼 称,Focus on some information。
Important,I saw the strength of the summer before.,And the secret mind。
So there is such a out。
From a certain aspect,He is actually adventure,Gamble。
But the words are said,Who can save more than 6,000 people in front of hundreds of thousands of worship demon?
Change him, can’t do it!
Wang Qing is seeing this,So just boldly。His voice is quite sincere,“Little friend,You will come out of the city,Kill five life and death,Rescue six thousand people,At least in Nancheng,You have won the people,Those human warfare,Most of you convince you,Allocate