[How many hours can I drink after taking the medicine?

】 _Attentions_What to do

[How many hours can I drink after taking the medicine?
】 _Attentions_What to do

Usually, when people have some diseases, they usually choose to take medicine for treatment, some kind of cold medicine, or medicine for stomach pain, etc. In short, people take various medicines.Explain that there is a problem with physical health. At this time, it is best not to drink alcohol, especially after taking medicine, you must not drink alcohol, then usually, how long can you drink alcohol after taking medicine?

How many hours can I drink after taking the medicine?
It is best not to drink alcohol while taking the medicine, or you need to pay attention to rest and rest.

Drink more water.

Drink after you have fully recovered.

Confirmation of cold relapse, symptomatic oral drug treatment, even if oral cephalosporin antibiotics are not available, it is recommended not to drink alcohol for the time being, pay attention to rest, the treatment of cold Western medicine is generally anti-cold virus treatment, using heavy feeling, fast-acting, Tylenol and other treatment advice: If you have symptoms of cough, you also need to use cough medicine, some kind of cough quick stop, cough biqing treatment, high fever should be treated with Bupleurum and Qing Kai Ling or Nimesulide to reduce fever, drink a lot of water if you have a cold,Reduce going out and going to crowded places, don’t eat spicy food, meaningless reply, will be informed!

It usually takes four hours before the drug’s replacement strength passes.

However, for the sake of insurance, it is better to stop for a day before feeding. Generally speaking, after taking cephalosporins, it is recommended not to drink alcohol for 24 hours, otherwise it may cause disulfiram-like reactions and seriously endanger life. The current situationI have taken anti-inflammatory drugs. If it is a cephalosporin anti-inflammatory drug, then it is not suitable to drink alcohol. Generally speaking, stop taking the drug for more than 24 hours and then consider drinking better. The current situation is to eat at noon, then this evening is not suitable for drinking.For seven days before and after cephalosporins, it is best not to drink alcohol, do not know what anti-inflammatory drugs to eat, to avoid disulfiram reactions, I hope the tips can help, it is best not to drink alcohol, it is dangerous.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol if you take cephalosporin or metronidazole.

If you want to drink alcohol, wait at least a week later.

For your own safety, remember.

If you use cephalosporin anti-inflammatory drugs, you can’t drink for one week, and other drugs can’t drink for three days.

Guidance: According to the description, if this situation is the cephalosporin anti-inflammatory drug can not drink alcohol within a week, I wish health and happiness.