Xu Shuang keeps a smile on her face,He was also cursing silently in his heart,Install,You continue to install,I see when you can pretend。

Chen Shuai listened to several people saying that Shen Zhiyue was wrong,He is also happy。
Chen Shuai poured himself a cup of tea,Said:“Not me,This Shen Zhiyue must be unsuccessful in the marriage。”
Several people looked at Chen Shuai,Think he has any big news。
“Chen Ge,How did you know?Did you receive any news?If there is news,Let’s talk about it,We are also curious。”
Chen Shuai snorted:“Any news,But I think of Ji’s situation。Have you all heard of it,Ji’s family is not good now。Physical,It won’t work if it is a little obstruct。So Ji Anna,Miss Ji married the Chen family。As for the old second-age Yuanyuan,They won’t let her marry the Shen family。Unless Shen Hai gives up the shares,They might consider。”
Give up the shares of the Shen family?Even a fool would not do this。
Chen Shuai continued:“Some industries in their family are in competition with the Chen family,What kind of hotel they do,It’s two blocks away from the Chen family。Where is the Chen family willing?,They have long hoped that this competitor can be killed。Since the competitor volunteered,I must grind it down,Grind their spirit away。”
Chen Shuai’s analysis is very reasonable,Several people listened and said yes。
Chen Shuai feels his confidence has returned,Then sarcastically:“Not me,The second son of the Shen family is a bit capable。The other two children are waste。That big sister is the most useless,I can’t marry at an old age,What’s the use of looking good?,She couldn’t even find a marriage partner in her family。”
Two seniors are interested:“Yes indeed,I also heard about the Shen family。The eldest sister in his family seems to be an expert in the research institute,seems very amazing。”
Chen Shuai snorted:“Humph,How great can it be,I’ve been abroad long ago。Why are you still staying in China?。She guessed it was the kind that was stuffed in by her family,Not up to standard at all。You all know,Schools now need to be profitable,All need to make money,Can parents invest every day??Isn’t that the teacher brought the businessmen over。Those entrepreneurs are so cheating,Give your school a bunch of money,In the end, you can only buy a title。so,After entrepreneurs invest,Just to make things cheaper for people like Sister Shen。No real ability,I want to get a good reputation。I guess she has a bad reputation in their circles,Otherwise, you still can’t find someone,It’s simply that this big sister Shen is an empty garbage。”
The two seniors rarely hear such rumors,They listened to Chen Shuai,Chen Shuai is upset and Shen Zhiyue,They are also upset。Anyway, the rich second generation like Shen Zhiyue,After a year or two, I might get out and go home,But Chen Shuai is different,He will only get better,Anyway, following Chen Shuai is right。
Chen Shuai analyzed the Shen family again:“His elder sister is not good,This third brother is also rubbish。The mess that happened with Lu Shanshan before,Many people say it is hype,Actually not all,The two are still a bit related。”