See the thrilling,Hergent tone,Just panic,The eyes are about to worship,Love women are going to be sent to the cave.,He doesn’t know how to interrupt it.。

I really married Nie Feng?
Pooh,Tools also have a ride of his dragon,Do younger!
“not good,Be a bad thing。”
Qin Cream stood up from the seat,Smile and welcome the cloud,Brothers, three people, and brothers and sisters.,He understands the heart of the cloud,Because he is the same。
But no,Step of the clouds will only make everyone suffer。
“Cloud brother,I thought you didn’t come to the wedding.,Come back,I take you to eat there.”
“Walk away!”
Stepping and clouds,Quick step to Nie Feng,And it is right,Then a hand-pulled hand,Turned to the main hall。
Nie Feng is directly stupid,Say good cloud wet chest,Why is it a blessing??
There is also a wife,How did you never?,You are struggling.?
Same as the previous step,Nie Feng has also begun to entangle,Suspected that Kong Kong is loved to him.。
“Frossus,I am still not able to learn from me.。”
The heart is awkward,And refer to the sword,Anger:“Come around,Give me this.!”
Trough,Is this stimulating??
The martial arts in the martial arts drinking in the sea.,On the side of a bowl of chopsticks,Take a super big gossip,Deep sense this line is not true,Today, this melon is sweet and full.,I have blowing it after going back.。
One time,Human span,Brusade draft full abdomen。
“Nie Feng、Kongci big marriage,Stepping cloud suddenly killing,To take away the already pregnant Kongci,At this time, Kongci cried,The father of the original child is actually Qin Shuang。”
“Nie Feng、Kongci big marriage,Stepping cloud suddenly killing,Take away Nie Feng in love,Nie Feng does not want,It turns out that he really loves people have always been Qin Shuang.。”
“Nie Feng、Kongci big marriage,Stepping cloud suddenly killing,Leave Kongci walks Nie Feng,At this time, Nie Feng took Qin Shuang again.”
Just wait today,On the rumor in the rumor,Qin Shuang or a wedding biggest winner。
Wedding troops,The soldiers of a large number of the world will join the sword,Looking at the landlord of helping Zhongwei’s name,I don’t have any hesitation.。
These soldiers are the good hands of the majestic,Only listening to him,The purpose is not to block or kill the cloud,But let them be shocked and killed.,In order to step the clouds, the inferiority of the traitor。
“Give me a message!”
Stepping clouds,Put the hole behind,Hand turning over,Turn the ball。
霎 time,Concentrated cloud rolling,Countless confused transit by black cloud,Containment,Say all the soldiers。
“I have to take a little love today.,Who do I dare to stop me?!”
The steps of the clouds look back,Hold a hole,Biggest meter walked in the door of the door。
“This man is good.!”
Liao Jie,I have seen the light in Chu Chu.,Sincerely,She is a beautiful man who likes Nie Feng.,I also think that Nie Feng and Kong Charma,It is a pair of natural land.。
Sochawable,During the day, martial arts,For the love of the big wedding,Love and dare to act,The image of Rapida makes Nie Feng from modest gentlemen into weak weak white face.。
Beautiful、Be unfold,There are two brothers love,Kongci will happiness, no matter what choice。
So much,Sighing in Chu Chu,The end of your hand is not fragrant.。
Woman,She has soared to Kongci’s envy to jealous,I can’t replace it on the spot.,Follow the throne。
Strike Schooting,Not far away,The door did not stop it.,Looking at the sudden white barrel,Cold face is difficult to maintain,The look of the horror is like a ghost during the day.。
Solitary sword!
Stepping stop,Inside the banquet hall,An unprecedented gallbladder is full of people in everyone,As if a handle sword is hung in the top,Will be under time。
Stepping, the clouds,The whole god war suddenly appeared in the sword,Although it is an ordered action,But the fact is the fact,The person who is a solitary head is him.。
unexpectedly,Judan did not see the clouds,All the meanings of younger brother,After stepping into the hall,Indifference。