First1557chapter Coincidence
Feng Yan heard that Yao Chunni can cook for more than ten people alone,She couldn’t help but stared at Wang Youcai and said:“Did you arrange the job for her too lightly??you need to know,Our money needs to be calculated carefully from these people”
“Besides cooking,She is also responsible for the hygiene of the entire compound,Of course including everyone’s office。In other words, he does the logistics work”Things http://www.51weixi.cn have reached this point,Wang Youcai can only report to Feng Yan truthfully。
Feng Yan was stunned and said:“I mean you can understand”
Finished eating,The two really honestly studied the recruitment of employees。They thought and thought,Forget it again。I just want to pay the workers the minimum wage,But these people need to do more work。Of course,They still have to get more money from Hu Huiru。
Calculate other people’s affairs,But it’s not easy。Wang Youcai is imagining,Feng Yan is also doing analysis impatiently,Until night falls,The two of them are recruiting employees,Formed text。
“All right!I should go back”Feng Yan stood up as she spoke。
Wang Youcai walked over,Gently hugged her waist and said:“do not!you left,What should I do at night by myself?”Wang Youcai said,I want to hug Feng Yan on the bed。
Feng Yan cursed softly:“Bastard,Can’t http://www.guerqiang.cn I just leave??But supper?”
“Supper is ready,Hurry up and eat!”Yao Chunni’s gentle voice came from outside the door。
Feng Yan abruptly broke free of Wang Youcai’s embrace,Asked surprised:“How could she be outside the door?Are http://www.granitemedicalsystems.cn you always eavesdropping on what we are talking about??”
“She never went back,I have arranged for her to cook dinner at noon”Wang Youcai said proudly。Feng Yan,I kicked Wang Youcai in discomfort,Hurried to the kitchen。
Dinner is one soup and two dishes,External heating steamed buns。Feng Yan ate very happily,Wang Youcai sees it,Very proud。It seems that I did a big thing today。