“Nonsense!You are giving me power,Don’t think I can’t help you?“Secretary Lu has a fire,He couldn’t help but raised his neck,Look like quarreling。

Tong Jie took http://www.zowdoors.cn a look,Can’t help but yell at Chen Erniu:“You want to mess too?“
Tong Jie’s words are puns,Secretary Lu’s face can’t hold on,Turned around and walked through the door of the village committee。Wei Xiaoming angrily asked Tong Jie:“What is his nerve?How can you make your own claim?“
“do not talk,Go upstairs for a meeting“Tong Jie said,Took a breath,Then turned and walked upstairs。
Wang Youcai glanced at Song Fang, who hadn’t recovered yet and said:“People are going to have a meeting,You still go up?Are you waiting for them to invite you“Song Fang was taken aback,Chong Wang Youcai smiled slightly,Followed everyone to the third floor。
Tong Jie saw that everyone was here,He took a breath and said:“Welcome Song Fang to be elected as the deputy head of Xiping Village,I believe everyone is no stranger to her,So I don’t need to introduce more here,Ma Yan will arrange Song Fang’s next work“
Things developed into this way,It’s really beyond Tong Jie’s expectation。But Secretary Lu announced in public that Song Fang was the deputy village chief,She doesn’t have the ability to change the facts,Then only temporarily accept。
“Song Fang just came to the village committee,No specific work will be arranged for now。Xia Sanhu took her,Let her get acquainted with a few farms,Get to know the vegetable greenhouse again。After waiting for the business,It depends on the situation“Ma Yan, don’t look at her young,Get things done,It’s really a set。
Tong Jie glanced at Xia Sanhu and Song Fang,Seeing that neither of them spoke。So she told everyone:“All right!I have lost a lot of your working time today,hurry up!“
Xia Sanhu glanced at Song Fang,The two walked out of the office door together。
At last,Tong Jie and Wei Xiaoming are left in the office,The other is Ma Yan and Chen Erniu。Ma Yan is now the village head,She has no problems sitting in the office。And Chen Erniu stayed,There must be his reason。
Tong Jie glanced outside the door,Suddenly lowered his voice and said:“You two listen to me,Don’t disappoint Mayor http://www.kingwoody.cn Xia’s expectations of you。You should have a deep understanding of this matter today,That’s the village cadre of Xiping Village, Not anyone can do it,If out,It’s hard to come in again“
“Mayor Tong!What’s wrong with Song Fang?“Chen Erniu couldn’t help asking。
Tong Jie took a breath and said:“I do not know either。 Because we never thought,Would be such a result。But what I want to say is,Today this has become a fact,You can only work well together“
“Don’t worry, Mayor Tong,Chen Erniu is not stupid。Since our play was finished some time ago,No need to download。Ma Yan overall command,I’ll leave it to me。As for which Song Fang,Arrange a job for her“Chen Erniu said very firmly。