[Breastfeeding recipes and practices]_ postpartum _ how to do

[Breastfeeding recipes and practices]_ postpartum _ how to do

We all know that women are weak and need supplementary nutrition during breastfeeding. At this time, women’s three meals a day are best paired with vegetarian food and nutrition is prepared. Only in this way can women’s milk be sufficient.It can make the baby eat full and grow a body, so it is especially necessary to eat nutritious meals for lactating women. So what are the recipes for lactating and what are they actually?

Breakfast recipe: Brown sugar boiled eggs (35 grams of eggs, 10 grams of brown sugar), fried radish (50 grams of carrots), 1 cup of milk powder (15 grams of whole milk powder) Breakfast meal recipe: clear soup beef noodles (25 grams of beef, carrots)50g, Longxu Noodles 100g) Lunch: millet porridge (millet 50g), turnip lamb (50g lamb, white radish 100g), roasted cabbage (100g Chinese cabbage), pancake (250g) lunch plusMeal recipe: cake 100g, red date porridge (20g red dates, 20g brown sugar, 50g per meter) dinner: fried potato shreds (150g potatoes), chicken soup, ginger fried chicken (100g chicken, 25g ginger),Fan 15g, rice (250g for standard rice) dinner plus meal recipe: 50g pork ribs, 50g carrot, 25g vermicelli, 100g oil cake, two recipes of pork rib soup during lactation period Litchi porridge Ingredients: Ingredients: rice100 grams, 50 grams of lychee, seasoning: 20 grams of rock sugar. Method: 1. Wash the previous rice, and soak it with cold water.

2. Remove the dried lychee and remove the meat. Rinse with cold water.

3. Put the rice and the dried lychee meat into the casserole, add about 1200 ml of cold water, and boil over high heat first, then change to low heat and cook until the rice rotten porridge is thick.

Ingredients for hibiscus catfish: 1 fresh catfish, 3 eggs, 10 grams of ham, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams of coriander, peanut oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper.

Method: 1. Wash and clean the catfish; break the egg apart, remove the yolk, leave the egg white, and break it; cut the ham into small dices; peel and slice the ginger; wash the coriander.

2. Put the processed catfish into a fish dish; add a little broth to the egg whites, add salt, mix with MSG, pour into the fish noodles, and place ginger slices.

3. Boil water in the steamer, add the fish dish, steam over low heat for 8 minutes, remove ginger, sprinkle with pepper, ground ham, pour cooked oil, and sprinkle with coriander.

Efficacy Tips: This dish is white and tender, and rich in nutrition, it can promote breast patency of breastfeeding mothers and promote milk secretion.