Chen Tiantian was also stunned when she saw this scene,Director Zou is suddenly insane?,Why did you kneel down for the enemy?!

Mo Xiaosheng was also taken aback,What’s the director,Are you acting live??
“President Mo,You don’t recognize me anymore?!”
Zou Yige was crying,While asking Mo Xiaosheng。
“Sorry,I really……Really don’t know you……”
Mo Xiaosheng was so sad when he saw him cry,I’m so embarrassed to say I don’t know him,But he can’t lie either,In my impression, he has never seen this big director before。
“This is Zou Yige,President Mo,Woo……Without you,There is no mine today……”
The tears in Zou Yige’s eyes rushed out like a Jedi,Can see,He is very emotional。
“I know you are Zou Yige。”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled helplessly,But I really don’t know him,He even heard the name Zou Yige for the first time。
He was a little overwhelmed by Zou Yige crying,Feel like a bastard,People cry so excited,As a result, I don’t even have any impression of them。
He had to squat down and pat Zou Yige on the back,Comfort road:“brothers,Stop crying,Tell me when are we,Where have you seen it,Maybe I remembered it。”
Mo Xiaosheng was really good,Zou Yige nodded vigorously,Calm down,Stand up and say:“President Mo,Do you remember the time when Mo Xin Xueyan made an ad??It was winter……There is a star playing big……”
“It’s you?”
When he said that, Mo Xiaosheng suddenly remembered,The relationship is the director Zou who helped them with Mo Xin Xueyan’s commercial that day!
At that time he gave himself a business card,I didn’t know where it went,I have forgotten this。
“You remember me,Grace……”
Zou Yige saw Mo Xiaosheng remembered himself,Tears came out again,Pulling Mo Xiaosheng’s arm, he will continue to kneel。
“Don’t don’t,You get up first,Get up first……”Mo Xiaosheng hurriedly pulled him up,Take a look,Smiled:“its not right,I remember you weren’t this fat,And still have a beard。”