Shen Huan who has no good idea for a while,Unconsciously looking forward to the one given by the good master“Yingyue Ointment”。

Listen to the name,It seems to be used by women。
I hope to wait until the real Yingyue ointment formula and curative effect are shown,Can have a good result。
Shen Huan has found Yingyue Grass,I transplanted more than 20 plants into my yard,Attentive care。
Fortunately recently,Shen Huan doesn’t have to travel far,Otherwise, it’s really hard to raise Yingyue Grass。
In fact, it’s best to post a mission,Let Shen Huan get another pill that specializes in treating Qiu Qing,Then Shen Huan doesn’t have to worry。
I had lunch before I knew it,Han Feiyun and Qiu Qing went upstairs to take a nap,It also leaves time for the children to spend time alone。
Shen Huan looked at Sun Yan, who was lying on the sofa next to him and playing with her mobile phone.,Just invite Han Donger out for a stroll。
A bit hot in the summer afternoon,But it’s surrounded by mountains and rivers,Good air quality,Large green area,There are trees everywhere,Doesn’t look hot。
Twenty meters outside the villa area,Is a straight avenue,Directly connected to the road。
Opposite is a village,There are about a hundred people。
Now the transportation is convenient,Many city people come here on weekends and take a leisurely day of rest,It also caused the farmhouse here to be very popular,Almost every household is doing it。
Not just this village,A few around are doing。
If it weren’t for people to do business on the mountain,,I’m afraid the mountains will be lively。
Han Donger took Shen Huan out,After going around 20 or 30 meters,Just walked on a walking trail,Straight to the hill over there。
No light bulb,Shen Huan has always been bold,I want to hold the hand of Little Queen,Just do it。