Flick the trunk back,Chen Xiu was thrown onto the elephant’s back again,Rush out towards the valley。
“It is going to take me there?”
The mammoth ran all the way for more than 20 minutes,Came to a big river http://www.lkgov.cn several hundred meters wide。
“big guy,You are taking me to take a bath?”
The mammoth seemed to understand what Chen Xiu meant,Shake the elephant,Chen Xiu was thrown into the air,Draw an arc,Accompanied by Chen Xiu’s curse,“puff”The sound of,Splashed water。
The cold river water swept away his exhaustion,Unspeakable,Mammoths use their trunks to suck river water from time to time,Spray again,For a time like rain falling。
“big guy,You come down too!”
Chen Xiu waved to the mammoth。
The mammoth seems to understand Chen Xiu’s words,Is a few steps back,Suddenly sprinted over,Kick on all fours,Rising from the ground towards the river, falling like a small hill。
“Lying,What am I doing,Call it to play in the river!”
Chen Xiu’s face changed a http://www.jgyynk.cn lot,The mammoth smashed over,If you don’t die, you will lose half your life!
In desperation,He jumped up in the water,It’s just over 20 meters in the air,Much higher than the jumping mammoth。
“what’s the situation!”
“My light work is so great!”
Thinking about it again is the reaction,At this time, I have already stepped into the cultivation base of the Eighth Stage True Qi,The zhenqi that runs casually is the eighth stage zhenqi,Fei is comparable to the ninth product。
Only hear“Long”A loud noise,The river surface burst open,But the mammoth has fallen into the water,The river was slapped and flew by its body,Falling like rain again。