Are they really not there??Fang Fang thought about it,He dialed Xia Jian’s cell phone,The sound of music suddenly rang in Xia Jian’s house,He’s here!Why not answer the phone?

Fang Fang ran over in two steps,Raise your hand and knock on the door,But there is no movement in the room,Even sleep,Shouldn’t sleep so heavy?An ominous premonition hit Fang Fang’s heart。
She hurriedly rummaged in the yard,Finally found Old Xiaoli’s walking stick at the door of the living room,Where is the old man?She made such a big noise,If he is there,Shouldn’t be inaudible?
Fang Fang pushed the living room door,The door opened,But there are no figures in it,She hurried to the door of Old Xiao’s bedroom,I saw the door open,There is no Old Xiao in it。
Even if they go out together,This door should be locked,All kinds of questions,Fang Fang felt an invisible scary,She ran to Xia Jian’s window in two steps,Raised the crutches and knocked over。
Just listen,The glass on the window was smashed,Reveals a big hole,Fang Fang opened the curtains with a cane,See Xia Jian**Upper body,Sleeping in bed。
Over,Such a big movement,Xia Jian didn’t respond,80% of him has been unpredictable,Fang Fang’s head began to hum,She slumped in the corridor,So I called Wang Lin。
“What’s Fang Fang?I’m on my way here”Wang Lin on the phone asked anxiously。
Fang Fang took a long breath,Said with courage:“President Wang,Maybe something went wrong,You should call the police!”
Wang Lin on the phone was stunned for an instant,She gasped for a while and said:“it is good!I will call the police right away,Don’t spoil the scene”
About ten minutes,There was a knock on the door,Fang Fangqiang up,Opened the door from inside,I saw Wang Lin walking in with some policemen。
“Fang Fang,This is Captain Dong from Beishan Criminal Police Branch,Tell me about the situation!”Not waiting for the police to question,Wang Lin said to Fang Fang in a hurry。
Fang Fang shook his head and said:“Hurry up!Save people first!”Fang Fang said,In the house of Chaoxiajian。
Captain Dong looks in his forties,He has put on his gloves,Two steps over,I pushed the door first,I can’t see it,He looked in from the window,Ask loudly:“Break the door”
Professionals do this,Not difficult,Just listen to a bang,The door has been opened,Captain Dong stepped in,Touch Xia Jian’s neck with his hand“fast!Immediately send to the hospital”
Several policemen came in,Lift Xia Jian and run。Wang Lin saw this situation,His face suddenly became pale,She asked crying:“Captain Dong,What’s wrong with Mr. Xia??“