The future generation of Daozu。

If it is here,And hear this sentence,Creating a shock。
At the beginning of Sansha City,Sorry, you want to kill him.,The result was rescued by a middle age of an ear.。
That ear surname middle age,It is from the Central Plains ear home,It is the future generation of the Zhu Zhu。
And the light seems to be owed by an ear.,Have to promise to let go of summer。
“So,You always threaten me.,Let me help you again。”
The man’s face suddenly became stinky,After turning,“I am gone.,Back to the city,Don’t come to me later.。
I will threaten me again.,I will not be born.,I have to comply with my ear.!”
White women did not block,A pair of eyes look at his back。
Until the man completely disappeared in the dark,She received her attention。
immediately,White woman looking to the direction of summer,Almost whisper,“Time,I really don’t have much.。”
The sound is full of complicated complexity。
Perhaps only a very little part can experience——Summer from small to big can live to now,Although small danger is constantly,Dependent threats are very few。
that is because,Some people are in secret,Always fight for time for him。
……“Xiao Tian!”
the other side。
Summer clouds and Xia Xue rushed into the dust of still ravaged,I have seen a figure in the ground far away.,Move。
It is summer。
The two quickly rushed。
However, at this time,Summer voice came,“do not come!”
Two people stop the body,Then look at the summer with a fearful look。
“Xiao Tian,You,Are you OK,Don’t scare me,Not,do not scare me……”Xia Xue’s voice,Vibrato,Want to get close to summer,But just take a step,Stay quickly。
Summer is full of body is completely reddish,Clothing makes the cloth strip broken rotten,Many wounds are still flowing into the outside。 But he seems to feel pain.,The sword is generally under the long eye.,A pair of scorpion ice is like a blade,I can’t stare at the front。
“You will take it to the side!”
Summer condense the final power,Alert。
Just now,Almost take a vacant God,But he is not sure that can be able to create a light。
Even unable to determine,Whether the light is still hidden around,Waiting for the opportunity。
Summer cloud can’t manage so much,A flash in the body,Thirty manner,Sensen cold light。
He didn’t see the summer,Well looking around,Ask,“what happened。”
What!!Summer clouds,Digital microwouch,A sound,A three-foot Qingfeng was held in his hand.。