But very quickly,Zhao Xiaoli explained after it,Zhao Xiaoling is also a bit moving。

Although Zhao Xiaoli said before,But there is no such detailed this time.。
So infatuated man,She feels that there is a little in such a highly developed society.,At the same time, she will make her decision.,Since there is no name, I have to interact with Li Hui Feng.。
“sister,Then I will also choose the same as you.,If he is really good to me,I also recognized。”
I heard my sister.,Zhao Xiaoli is in my heart.,He is a little lost in my heart。
Because http://www.haahotel.cn she also has a different idea to Li Hui Feng.。
If there is no start,However, after Liu Dafu’s three five times,Slowly, with Li Hui’s contacts.,Especially in addition to Li Hui’s excellent,She feels that as long as it is a normal woman, there will be some ideas.。
On the evening,Liu Dafu is also happy.。
Because he is also from 100,000 yuan from Zhang Erzhuang.,Although he can divide more,But he knows what is appropriate to stop,After all, he will have a longer and long-term cooperation with Zhang Erzhuang.。
After dinner,Zhao Xiaoling went to sleep early next door.。
Although I said to sleep,But she is a little insomnia.。
Just after she lie down,But directly let her shame red ear.。
Because the sound of the embarrassment next door is also very fast.。
Chapter VIII Thick
Zhao Xiaoling insomnia at night,Whether it is my sister, the voice,Or the role is playing the name of the brother Liu Dafu,She is deeply feeling that she is not safe at this home.。
At the same time, I didn’t expect Zhao Xiaoli to be as desired by Liu Dafu.。
the next day,Morning,She wore her clothes early.,Even the washing is not washed,I hurried to find Li Hui.。
Because she feels nausea in this home.。
She has always thought that she had an avant-garde,Even many people in the city are not as good as she。
But the words heard last night,Those sounds,Let her understand,It is also a big person who is more than her avant-garde.。
Li Hui also didn’t expect to be early,Zhao Xiaoling ran in a look that there was no wake up.。
“Ling Sister,Your winter,It’s too early to start.?”
“Xiao Li,I want to sleep here.,is it okay?”
Although this is a bit,But Zhao Xiaoling is really sleepy.,After all, I didn’t look at last night.。
Li Hui also did not expect Zhao Xiaoling to find him the first sentence is to sleep.,How much is a little unexpected。
But he is still very big.:“sure,As long as Ling Sister is not discarded,How long do you want to sleep?,How long does it take?。”
Say,Li Hui also gave Zhao Xiaoling to find a new cover room.,Let the other party live in,At the same time, I also opened the air conditioner to the other side.。
Perhaps because Zhao Xiaoling feels that Li is not thinking about her.,Also, she feels that Li Hui Feng here has an inexplicable sense of security.,She also fell into a dream。
Even in the dream,She actually dreams that he is with Li with the wind in this small yard, his sister and Liu Dafu last night.。
Li Hui Feng does not know these,He ate breakfast in the morning.,It is ready to buy a car in the city.。
The most important reason for the buying car is not to give Zhao Xiaoling to act as a facade.,Still because Xu Ruzhen,Qin Xue。
Just thinking that I haven’t got a driver’s license.,He is also temporarily pressed.。
He decided to take a driver’s license.。
Just when he is some hesitation, don’t buy a car.,Zhang Erzhuang also called him to call.,Tell him that the motorcycle is listed and the driving license has been done.。
This is that he didn’t expect Zhang Erzhuang’s own speed.。
In Zhang Erzhuang,Li Hui also said something thanks to the words.,It is ready to ride a motorcycle to the school registration.。
As for buying a car,He doesn’t feel too happily。
soon,Li Hui Feng registered a driving school that I could get a http://www.3dzixun.cn driver’s license for a month.。
Ordinary driving school can only need three thousand four,But as for the time, I can get a driver’s license.,But can’t guarantee,And this driving school is directly that you can get it within a month as long as you pay four thousand fifth.。