[Do fans have long meat]_function_effect

[Do fans have long meat]_function_effect

In winter, many people like to eat cabbage stew noodles or vermicelli, which is very delicious, but do they eat vermicelli?

For people who lose weight, they ca n’t ignore the amount of food they eat, and they ca n’t diet to lose weight. The meat may be reduced, but their health is affected.

Fans eat less and do not grow meat, so they can be eaten once or several times occasionally, not for long periods.

1. It ‘s okay for fans to eat a bit of fans or occasionally. If you eat for a long time or eat a lot at one time, you can get fat, because the main ingredient in fans is starch, and starch is starch, which is digested and absorbed by the body.The excess will turn into sugar boots and turn into aunt.

2. Scientific weight loss method The scientific weight loss method is to control the excessive transition and increase the amount of activity, and to achieve a balanced expenditure.

It is recommended that you participate in more physical exercise, do yoga, lying in bed and pedaling a bicycle is also a good exercise.

Run, jump rope, play badminton.

Turn around hula hoop, do sit-ups and wait.

Properly control your diet, develop good eating habits, reasonably allocate meals, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less high-conversion, greasy food.

Don’t sit after meals and move more to reduce your aunt’s hoarding at the waist.

Try not to eat or eat less before going to bed at night.

3. What is the best fan? The fan is one of the common foods in China. It is a kind of silky food extruded with mung bean, sweet potato starch and so on.

They are often called noodles, winter noodles (mainly in Taiwan), Korean noodles called Tang noodles, and Vietnamese noodles.

The best vermicelli is made from mung bean, but it can also be made from corn starch or sweet potato starch, but the quality is not as good as mung bean vermicelli, because mung bean has the most amylose, it is not easy to rot when cooked, and has the smoothest taste.

Similar to noodles, sold after drying. It is best to soak water before eating to make it soft. The diameter of the fans is generally 0.

About 5 mm.