And now Yu Tianheng has already hit the white-hot stage,It’s time for him,Lin Yan stood up and moved his muscles and bones,Ready to defeat them!

“Gun spirit is warming up,Is he finally going to play?,Will he fight back at Tiandou Royal Academy?,Let me watch!”Go around!
“Lin Yan,You are a bit too arrogant!”Tang San looked at Lin Yan under him。
“Although this kid is a bit strong,Just a bit too arrogant,I don’t know if he can succeed with one against seven!”Emperor Xue Ye whispered。
This time he regrets soliciting Lin Yan,In his opinion, Lin Yan is a bit too pretending!
After ten minutes, everyone was knocked to the ground,Lost the battle,Finally let people off the stage。
“Unexpectedly, Blazing Academy defeated all members in just ten minutes,Only Gun Soul and their injured captain were present,Who will win a streak this time let me wait and see!”
“Ugh,Yu Tianheng, you really can’t,You are a waste in front of absolute strength,Get out of me!”Lin Yan Angrily,Yu Tianheng’s pride is no worse than Lin Yan,But his low strength still pretends。
“you…You kind of defeat them all,If not, I advise you to go back to Wuhun City!This is not suitable for you。”
“presumptuous!The descendants of the Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus family are so arrogant,Dare to speak to my young master,The comer immediately reported to the pope,Stepping Down the Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus Family!”Salas furious。
“Ok?Bishop Salas, this is a bit too much, right?!”Emperor Xue Ye frowned。
“Yes,Salas is going to exterminate the clan just because of one sentence.。”Ning Fengzhi looked at him coldly。
“Humph,It’s not your turn to interrupt our Wuhun Temple!”
“you!”Emperor Xue Ye and Ning Feng are so angry。
This scene made Yu Tianheng a little dumbfounded,Only then did he realize that what he said was a bit too much。
“All right,Salas,Scolding me will not lose a piece of meat,You can be forgiving and forgiving,We are all teammates,Watch my game well。”Lin Yan yelled to Salas。