Li Tianzhen’s mood suddenly became relaxed and cheerful,It’s not convenient to run around right now,It seems we still have to stay in Liuyun View。Let’s see how Qingyunzi reacts,If you play stupidly,He said nothing,Talk to Baiyun in private,If you really can’t take in,Or find the captain through the old ways,Return to the village in the city,Not necessarily bad,The only regret is that we can’t know what Zhang Zhiqiang is doing。

Nothing to do,Li Tianzhen was lying on the bed and spinning slowly‘Po Tian Luo’Starting point,‘Pokun Yujue’,Upside down Xuanhuang,A waste of time,Caused by the collapse from existence to nothing,To gather together from scratch as a result。
Sounds mysterious,Actually destroy everything,The process of re-establishing the big cycle,Li Tianzhen is temporarily afraid to touch the gods,I don’t understand the current situation of Shenzang,Three souls and seven souls are sealed,Can’t sense without God’s knowledge,Only the phantom of the melting pot at the pubic area can be broken。
But it’s not easy to break,Why break?Only true,Taoist’s most common zhenqi,Like the qigong of ordinary Wu Renlian,Just different genres,Cultivators are more natural and born,Li Tianzhen takes a step back,Back to the time of health training。
So I practiced till the evening,Li Tianchou feels the whole body comfortable,Full of energy,Even the heavy head seems to be refreshed a lot。
Dao Tong brought the vegetarian food for the evening,Bai Yun came over and chatted a few words,Talking about Purple Garden,The old Taoist’s eyes are burning,Said that a strange thing was found in that garden,Invited Li Tianchou to enter the Purple Garden after he has recovered,Because that strange thing appeared on the day Li Tianchou came into the garden with Qingyunzi,I forgot to talk about it when I came in the morning,I was specially invited at night。
Li Tianchou’s eyes widened,In addition to the incredible,I feel even more anxious,I don’t know what harmful objects were left by the lava monster that day,This thing suddenly disappeared,Don’t know where?Does it feel right,It really ran into his head?
And Baiyun Lao Dao is worse than him,But didn’t say what it was,A worried look,After chatting a few more words and leaving。
Second day,Nothing happened all day,Even Baiyun didn’t show up,Li Tianchou has a lot of time to breathe out and practice,And practice‘Po Tian Luo’Starting point,Eat when you are hungry,Sleep when tired,Such heartless days are extremely rare。
Another day night,Qing Yunzi finally appeared accompanied by Bai Yun,Said it was just discharged,I don’t care about taking a break to see Li Tianchou’s condition,Hush cold and ask warm,Speak for words,Passionate,Li Tianchou had no choice but to accept,Take a few words of thanks。
Acting together,Didn’t mean to break through each other,But the atmosphere becomes more weird and awkward,Li Tianchou obviously felt the confusion in Qingyunzi’s eyes,Maybe he entered the purple garden as soon as he came back,I can’t find the lava monster,It may also prove whether Li Tianchou has exposed his old ground in front of Bai Yun.,In short, after some trials of various tricks,Qingyunzi reluctantly left,But you can tell from the eyes,He didn’t find the answer he wanted。
Li Tianchou immediately became alert,Qingyunzi may have bad intentions,The biggest doubt is the day when I entered the purple garden,He was not injured,I was just scolded by the old lava monster,But accidentally suffered a heart attack,Is he really sick??
If you are not sick,For what?In order to avoid what happened in the purple garden?Still to avoid Baiyun?The former does not seem to hold,Qingyunzi himself is the initiator,And there is the old lava demon backing,The latter seems even more impossible,http://www.dongejiao.cnIn Liuyun Guan,Qing Yunzi won’t be afraid of anyone, right??
Li Tianchou’s already heavy head,Confused by these questions,Want to sleep and rest,But can’t sleep,I’m always worried about what Qingyunzi will do at night,Spent a night so nervous。
“Master,I got up early to see you,Heavy dew in the morning,Is the dining hall not open yet??”Li Tianchou, who had just made up for a while, was awakened by a shout,Smile immediately。
Chapter VIII See the captain again
A Taoist yelled from outside the courtyard,Immediately afterwards, Dao Baiyun reprimanded the captain,Although the sound pressure is very low,But Li Tianzhen heard it really,It seems that there should have been hearing before、No loss of vision,But the head is heavy,Really incomprehensible。
Soon there was the sound of rapid footsteps,Must be the captain,This guy rushed over after hearing what Baiyun said,Li Tianzhi felt hot,In this chaotic time and space,I hope when he is down,The friends in the city with whom he was in trouble have not been changed。