Black man laughs,The sound sounds very happy,“you guess?

Maybe I am an ancient style, I may not be said.。”
Summer speechless look at each other。
I don’t know how to take an event.,He found that he did not have much preparation for people in front of him.。
This feeling makes the summer extraction,Also gave birth to a vigilance。
I feel abnormal。
And the other party said,Obviously and very familiar。
He tried to ask,“We used to have seen it before.?”
“Of course,And very familiar,You can guess my identity,Give you three chances,You just said that Ji Bao bottle,Already used to take a chance,I can give you an answer.,I’m not her,So,There are two chances。”
There is a ridicule between black people’s voice.,Also close to the kind of joys。
“You are an ancient wind door?”
Summer naturally said the second guess。
“no,Another opportunity,last chance,I want to say it again.。”
Blackman’s double mask,A smile,Also implies the color of the silk。
Confused summer,Brow。
no doubt,In front of the black man is a super master。
Otherwise, it is impossible to kill Orlando.。
Don’t say anything sneak attack,In their own strength,In fact, it is difficult to sneak attack.。
But in the summer of the summer,Only Ji Bao Bottles and the ancient wind two women reach the cave。
Important,Even if the two people,Not necessarily sneak attack。
Summer mind in the mind,Finally I can only give up。
“Don’t guess??”
Black man looking at summer,Immediately shake your head,Also,“This opportunity will leave you,When you think,Maybe it is very surprised。”
Toned,She did not continue this topic,Say,“You should know the Huaxia Gambire,Up to the ninth order of the master,There are three names.。” Um?
Summer,Say,“Gold tower、legend、Unique?”
“Right,This is three titles,Not the realm,In fact,Many people don’t care about these three titles,After all, it can achieve these three title masters.,The lowest starting point is the ninth order of order。”
Toned,She is positively,“But it is a cave,It is also the same abroad.,There is no way to continue the rising channel.……Or,Rising channel,But few people can reach,Most people are sleepy in the cave,It can also have a strong point in cave.,So the strength used to distinguish strength,Most people are gold tower masters and legends。”
Merely,She refers to the headless body on the wall.,“For example Orlando,Although it is an old card,But it is not a long time.,The stronger strength,He is also just a legendary master,But it is a light,Extremely close to Union Master,And you……”She looked at the summer,“You compete for two people,It has been barely becoming a master,but,Still a bit weak。”
Summer eyelids,“So to say,You are a master?”
Black woman laughs,Not answered。
But this attitude is a default。
She is turning around,“so,keep working hard,Since you step into this row,Unlimited potential has been shown,Don’t slack off。”
Summer just talk,Black woman swinging hands to stop him。
“The rush is transformed into a humanoid weapon by the Great League.,Although there is your own thoughts,But like a wiring puppet,His blind eye……”Black women seem to know about the transformation of the light.,Very detailed,Almost no difference。
Summer is more and more surprised。