A pair of eyes in the darkness of the dark。

What!!Zengnan,I didn’t expect myself to be empty.,This boy has already found itself.?
pity,Time does not want him to think more。
Because the summer is extremely fierce attack has been hit,The air sounded in the air.。
At the same time, there is a moment of imitation of the mountains and the mountains.。
Qi Nan’s face moment。
This breath……This momentum……This is……Wu Zong!How can it be!!Don’t think too much,Not thinking about thinking,He has settled three punches。
“Hey……”Dramatic pain came from the chest,Instantly hit the whole body,Qi Nan’s breathing becomes heavy,Face is pale bloodless。
Now,He no longer hidden,Transition momentum,The whisper is covered with a layer of cloud,At the same time。
“Mystery of Water?”
Summer right legs,噼噼 响,Drink,“Give me out!”
The whole person in Zi Nan fly from the tent。
He only feels blood in the body,The five dirty things in the body are broken.,Still in the air,Vomiting blood。
Do not wait for him to land,Summer is already close to,Jumped to the air,Twisted waist,Connected sweep。
In the air of the air,Zi Nan can only raise your arms to protect,Without the heavy sweep。
He was swept away in the air,Protect your own water,It is also broken in an instant to land.,Outbreak of a dazzling ray,The ground is like a fry,Earth and stone shot。
This kind of sound,The first time alarmed everyone in the four-week tent。
A whispering sound,And along with a road。
“what……you……”Qi Nan sent a miserable call,Vomiting blood,But just stood up,Summer,Lightning buckles shoulder,Punch him half the air。
The whole person is rotated in the summer,Waistone drives the right leg,狠 身。
Spin,I left a residue in the same place.。
Qidan just landed,One foot to his head。
If it is practical,It will be the ending of the cerebral pulp。
Zenan face is pale, no blood,Unprecedented fear,I feel that I am going to die.。
Survival cannot,Don’t take care of everything。
Summer is on the ground,The ground is in tremor。
But followed by a foot。
“Click”Bone fragmented sound。
The right arm of Qi Nan is broken,Baisen’s bones in the outside,Along with a lot of blood shot。
Summer faceless expression,Step forward,Squeaky,His another arm is also broken。
at this time,Ling smoke has run quickly,Clothing,Like a gold lightning。
And in her text,A road is also surrounded。
They saw that there was no expression in the summer.,At foot,Is the south of the bodies。