[How to collect liquor]_save_save

[How to collect liquor]_save_save

In today’s life, more and more people begin to collect wine. Because of the large variety of wines and the many brands of alcohol, people don’t know how to choose the white wine to be collected. Everyone should choose the white wine to collect.When choosing high-concentration wines and choosing well-known liquors, you should also choose personalized liquors to be collectible. Let’s take a look at the precautions of collecting liquors together today.

First, the choice of high-alcohol liquor collection should be high-alcohol, because 50% vol is a watershed in the quality of liquor, white liquor above 50% vol is generally made from pure grain, convenient collection, and low-alcohol below 50% vol are mostlyBlend, the alcohol in the wine is easy to volatilize, and the quality of the wine is easy to deteriorate, and it cannot be stored for a long time.

Second, when choosing a well-known brand wine, choose a famous wine or a well-known brand wine.

The famous wine itself is very precious. If a bottle of famous wine has a long history, it will become more and more valuable if it comes from a famous wine manufacturer. After years of aging, the value will be high.

Only wines with good intrinsic quality have high collection value.

Since the entry into force in 1952 and 1989, the country has organized five nationwide wine tastings, and has selected 17 kinds of national famous liquors, covering the four famous wines, eight famous wines, and seventeen famous wines.”.

These national wines have a long history, stable and reliable quality, and are at the forefront of old wine collection.

In addition, some national high-quality wines that won the second prize and “provincial excellence” and “ministerial excellence”, as well as local famous wines from all over the country, can also be put into Tibet.

These wines have a strong historical and cultural conservatism, and have unique regional characteristics. The production process and raw materials have unique local characteristics, and it is difficult to produce the same taste elsewhere.

Third, the choice of personalized product collectors is the most rare, strange, special, and artistic value can increase the value of liquor collection.

The shape of the bottle is peculiar, the label has a strong artistic flavor, and the wine with strange body material is more collectible.

Fourth, the selection of aged wine should choose a vintage wine with high historical and cultural value and artistic value. Such products are very collectible.

Souvenir wine, special wine, internal wine, government exclusive, VIP exclusive and other special varieties, the collection value will generally be higher than ordinary varieties.

For example, “Hong Kong’s Return Memorial Wine”, “Olympic Memorial Wine”, “Expo Memorial Wine” and other liquors, national wine Moutai, Gujing Gong wine for 26 years, 1405 crane year Gong wine, etc. are the best collections.

There is no doubt that the aged liquor collection has become a new favorite in the traditional collection industry, and the value of transformed old wine has doubled, and Tibetan friends have gradually increased.

At the same time, drinking “old wine” has become a politician, a celebrity celebrity, and a literati.

For liquor collection enthusiasts, the most concerned should be the brand, origin and production time of liquor.

Five, matters needing attention 1.

Be sure to avoid direct exposure to strong light. It is best to store the old wine showcase or store it in a slightly cool area with low temperature and humidity, and the ambient temperature should not exceed 28 ° C.


The container should be tightly sealed to prevent alcohol leakage and “run”.

It is particularly important to note that liquor collection is different from wine collection. Liquor is the most taboo to lie on and must stand.


Investors must do their best to increase the value of liquor collection, and whether storage is proper is the key.

When liquor is stored, it is best to replace the jar with the jar. The jar itself contains a variety of minerals. Using it to hold wine can maintain the aroma of the wine for a long time, which will make the wine more fragrant and mellow, and promote the maturity of the wine.

The best place for storage is underground, because underground is an environment with little temperature change, and it is basically maintained at normal temperature.


Liquor collection enthusiasts must pay attention to the shelf life of liquor. Generally, the duration of sauce-flavored liquor is 50 years or continuous.

Of course, if stored properly, especially if the seal of the bottle is in place, the inherent quality of the liquor and its natural shelf life will be extended.