Ou Jing, I looked at Ning Feifei, I was sleeping.,Golden sumeria photo on her face,Make a beautiful beauty。

He looked at Yan Mai:“As long as Fifi is at any time。”
“Um!”Yan Mai nodded,Did you get along with European,She is completely believed that Ou Jing, can take care of her granddaughter.。
Since finding a granddaughter,Her mood has always been very good,Nothing is pregnancy。
Sometimes she is thinking,She can die even if she is sick.。
“Aura,This child is really like you.。”Blue Xin hugged children in his hands,Put in the stroller。
“Yes,Daughter is like her mother。”Ou Jing 尧 尧 傲 傲 傲,Think about Lu Hao Cheng’s proudness of his children.,He felt that he had a deep breath at this moment.。
After returning to Jiangyou,He hugged his small cotton jacket every day to show off。
Blue Xin looked at his proud look,Shook his head,Several of them really really。
At this time,Nurses come in,Seeing Ning Feifei is still sleeping,Frown,Looking at the European,She still looks at the courage:“The mother has already pulled the uterus.,Must let her go to bed activities。”
Ou Jingzhen looked at the little nurse in front of you,She has been coming several times today.。
“knew。”European is faint。
The nurse immediately http://www.fzscg.cn turned around,Don’t dare to stay more。
Heard the sound,Ning Feifei woven,I saw Blue Xin and Yan Grandma when I opened my eyes.。
“Blue。”Ning Feifei is excited to look at Blue Xin,She is really coming.。
“Fifi,have not seen you for a long time。”Blue Xin laughs at her。
She is still the same thinner,Even after a child,She still doesn’t have much change,Slightly round face,More beautiful moving。
“Fifi 。”Yan Xiaoyama is excited to watch granddaughter,Ignore her,Some unhappy,This little girl is clearly, and you can see Blue Xin.。Ning Feifei looked at the elegant old man in front of him,Sky blue thin set set,Let her more elegant,Her skin is very white,Excellent maintenance,A uniform microcomposite of a silver hair,With gorgeous jade necklace,More expensive,People are also very fine
Her grandmother is http://www.kabmaster.cn beautiful.,When you are young, you must be a big beauty.。
“grandmother。”She smiled and called a sound.,She has listened to Ou Jing, said her home.。
“Uh-huh!”Yan Xiaoyamai is red and nodded。
“Fifi,After tomorrow,Will not let you have suffering。”
Yan Grandma is maintained with excellent hand lightly pulling the ding Feifei’s hand in the palm,Gently tap,Her granddaughter,Will enjoy the best。
“grandmother,Have you,I will never suffer.。”Perhaps because of blood relationships,She feels a very close feeling。
Have a feeling of family。
“Fifi,congratulations,Found your family。”Blue Xin smiled and congratulations,Feifei is since then,It should be only happy.。
Ning Feifei is happy to laugh,I feel that such happiness is very unreasonable.,It can really happen to her body.。
“Thank you blue!”She is her only http://www.kali-linux.cn friend.。
when it is time to leave,I am also very reluctant.。Yan Xiaoyama also looked at the star of Blue Xin:“It is good to thank the blue blue,If there is no she,I am hard to find you.,Thank you for your true heart to you.,Do you want him?,Grandma this life may really miss you.
Yan Xiaoyamai is satisfied with Ou Jing,Yes, the more you look。
I have been a beautiful man in a refreshing infiltration.。
Ning Feifei looks to Ou Jing,Ou Jing, also looked at her at the same time.。
She is grateful,Grandma said,If there is no him,She and my grandmother really have to miss it.,Before he told himself,She has never doubted her own life.,Meihai and Ning success also a bit similar。
“Aura,Thank you!”Ning Feifei is gentle,Shallow smile is very warm。
Ou Jing’s eyes flashed,Silence, she slowly moved her eyes.。
He admitted that he smile to her is difficult to resist,She smile,I can’t help but I want to forgive her.,But he really doesn’t want to forgive her so far.,After she left,He has suffered for a long time。
He read a sentence:Thank you for abandon you,Because she teaches you independence!
At that time he didn’t care,But after Ning Feifei left later,This will echoing in his mind.。