In the eyes of the junk eyes in Wang Hai,Moguo slowly controls his face muscles,Let your expression recover。
“cough,Open a joke and active active atmosphere。”
Finger slides the phone screen,What is the word is taking something?。
http://www.tj-alt.cn “Just this Weibo,Just I want to tell you the cause of things。”
Wang Hai did not speak,Continue to wait below。
Take a short while,Write the action of the changing,Then put the screen again to the front of the king。
This time the distance is correct.,No need to adjust the Queen Hai。
Wang Hai nodded,Then focus on the content in the phone。
Still Weibo,This time,Already replaced with hot search interface。
Real-time hot search12name:IGTwo new players。
Wang Hai’s heart is slightly jumping,Mogu is still very professional as a manager.,Generally, if it is fine,Is never delayed his training time。
Since it told him,That must be something to talk to yourself.。
And currently,This hot search should be the motive of this time.。
No longer hesitate,Wang Hai is open this hot search.。
Different from the http://www.2brokemoms.cnWeibo,This hot search,Basic Basic Basic Basic Some About the Electric Strong Marketing Number。
If you comment on the previous Weibo comments,It is still a moderate question.,So these marketing numbers,It is the naked sharp attack.。
“LDLA team is attracting attention?E-sports?”
“Shock,E-sports pure blood circle,I have also begun to gradually corroded?”
“Electricity should rely on strength,Not a color value!”
Wang Hai wrinkled with the brow, finished the Weibo content of these marketing numbers.,The fist doesn’t consciously.。
“Marketing number,Originally, it creates a topic to create some other contradictions.,Then just right money,You don’t know these。”
Wang Hai looks forward,The words of the words are still relaxed,No angry http://www.chifeirou.cn expression。
To know,When the marketing number is swearing,He is the most embarrassing。
Be no.……Know that the set of places is playing.……Even the hidden rule players come。
have to say,Wang Hai is still very admires the associative ability of these marketing numbers.,I sometimes see some titles, I can’t help but go.。
“Originally, we also don’t need to take these rhythms.……But now the heat is a bit too big.,Some are somewhat dissatisfied above。”
“I want these questions to disappear. There is only one way.,That is to win the game。”
Flexing the head,It seems a bit embarrassed。