Guan Tingna squeezed over angrily,She roared loudly:“You’re so stinky,Also reverse right and wrong,are you human?”

“You less angry,Be careful that the two balloons on your chest burst,Isn’t this going to be done again?”Chen Feng was laughing,What kind of yellow hairs did he put up with。Among the crowd,Some people laughed。
The two pieces of Guan Tingna’s chest are really proud,As she gets angry,Breathing bold,The two babies in the chest trembled up and down,I feel like I’m about to break through the shackles of my swimsuit and run out。
Xia Jian said to Guan Tingna:“You go back!talk less。He is a rogue,Can you tell them clearly?“
Guan Tingna was aggrieved and pulled back by Lin Wei。Xia Jian signaled that Xi Zhen also took a step back,He just turned around sharply。
“now it’s right,Kind of masculine,Then do it!“Chen Feng said,Suddenly raised his foot and kicked towards Xia Jian’s crotch。This guy is really sinister to the extreme,He dare to use any tricks。
Xia Jian has long been wary of his hand,He copied with his right hand,Before Chen Feng kicked over,He has grabbed the soles of Chen Feng’s feet,He twisted his right hand violently,Then fell outward。Just listen to the snap,Chen Feng has actually crawled on the ground。In the crowd,A bang。
Those yellow hairs saw it,Hula, all around,They fist together,Hit Xia Jian。Face this situation,It’s really hard for ordinary people to deal with,But for Xia Jian,But it’s a trivial matter。
I saw his body circled on the ground like a top,When these people find out,He is behind them。It’s just two or two efforts,Five or six yellow hairs are already lying on the ground and shouting。
The people watching the excitement didn’t see clearly at all,How did Xia Jian make the move。
suddenly,Chen Feng, who was crawling on the ground, stood up fiercely,Like a hungry wolf,Pounced straight at Xia Jian,It looks like a desperate style of play。Everyone has a limit。Xia Jian couldn’t help being furious,He didn’t even look,Just flew up。This kick just hit Chen Feng’s stomach。
This guy flew out like a ball,Fell into the swimming pool with a plop,Splashed。Everyone exclaimed,Xia Jian felt that,The kick just now was too hard,Did not control the intensity,Maybe this guy can’t bear it。
as expected,Chen Feng fell into the water without any movement,The body curls like a prawn。Ruan Lingna saw something bad,Could not help but yell:“Lifeguard,Save people quickly“