Blue Xinyi,I can’t help but smile,She laughed very gentle,The air seems to have a sweetness。

“Kiki,Watch your happiness,Mom is also very happy!”Work hard for so long,Is it to watch her children happiness??
Kiki smiles,The teeth have lost her.,Does not affect her lovely。
“Mother,You are also very happy now。”She takes her mother’s hand,Small hand pulling mother’s big hand,Looking at the mother’s slender hand,Slightly red,This is the double slim hand,Put up a day,Let their brothers and sisters have worry-free。
Laqi laughs,Conscientiously:“Mother,These years have worked hard。”after,She can earn money.,Mom will not feel pressure,Now I have Dad,Their family will become more and more happy.。
Blue Xin listen,Surprised slightly open mouth,Kiki said this,Why do she feel very sad??
She laughed:“Kiki,Mom has you,Unhappy。No you,There is no mother now。”maybe,She will really be in the accident,I woke up again.。
妍 and 熙,All day in her ear,Until I heard her childhood,She thought she was dreaming.,In the dream, she worry-free and painless.,Never want to wake up again,But when I heard these two words,She can’t help but wake up.。
that time,They have grown in her belly,When you check it for the first time,I heard their strong heartbeat,She only knows how strong her child is。
She woke up,No longer desperate,But there is a new hope。
“Kiki,Mom wants you to thank you,Come to my mother’s side,Let your mother come back to come over。”If you don’t have you,Mom may not be in this world.。
“Mother。”Lan Qiqi’s voice is a bit swallowed,Mom’s pass,They all know,All more distressed mothers。
“All right,baby,Mother is going to get up,Hungry。”Blue Xin laughs and gets up。
Blue 梓qi is like a small with fart behind her。
“Mother,Dad gives you breakfast,He enters the kitchen,Take the Mummy Mommy,But after a while,咪 了 了 大 大 大,Said that Dad is a good man,Let Dad take care of your mother,Maybe it is a daughter,What does it mean?”
Blue Xin:“……”What does it mean,Do you mean that you sell her??
“Forehead……Kiki。”She bowed her own belly,How do she explain with her daughter?。
Lu Haocheng……
“Mother,Why do not you speak?”Blue Qiqi asked,Interrupt her blue thoughts。
She is to hear this sentence to come to mother.。
Blue Xin suddenly squatted down,And the daughter,Looking at the big eyes of daughter,She laughed:“Kiki,Mom wants to tell you something,but,Don’t tell anyone。”
This matter,Still do you really,She never lie to the children。
You cheat your child once,Children will lie to you ten times。
“Uh-huh,Mother,You say,I am curious.?”Blue Qiqi is a big eye, watching mom。
Blue Xin suddenly feels some nervous,This,How can she say that I can’t say it??
She refers to her belly,Laugh:“Kiki,Mommy,A little baby,Your Mommy seems to be this meaning.。”
“what……”Blue Qiqi Surprised Zhang Size,Great eyes shocked at my mother,“mom……Mother,Really?Do I have your brother sister??”
“Um……Kiki,so,You don’t want to……”
Blue Xin:“……”
I haven’t finished her words.,Blue Qi is running,I didn’t put it in the heart before the roots.。
Blue Xinyi helpless,Her daughter,Heart can’t be like this。
NS856chapter:in argument