Add color to the nutrition in the coarse grains

Add color to the nutrition in the coarse grains

Many of the coarse grains on the table of the elderly are mostly cornmeal porridge, sorghum rice, buckwheat noodles, etc. Dr. Liu Yinghua, from the Nutrition Department of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, suggested that if you can change the whole grain and do some yeast fermentation, it will add to the nutrition in the coarse grains.color”.
銆€銆€The coarse grains contain a large amount of insoluble dietary fiber, although it can increase the gastrointestinal motility and alleviate the troubles of the elderly, but it will also hinder the intestinal absorption of certain mineral elements, such as calcium and iron.Zinc, etc. These mineral elements are indispensable for the health of bones and heart. If you eat a form of whole grain for a long time, you will definitely lose sight of it in nutritional supplementation.
Fermentation of coarse grains is a relief of this nutritional contradiction, because yeast can promote the activity of certain enzyme systems, such as phytase, so that the absorption of these mineral elements in the intestines is significantly improved.
The coarse grains that have not been fermented are 鈥渉ard鈥?in taste, and after fermentation, they will 鈥渟often鈥?the taste and taste delicious.
銆€銆€At the same time, in addition to the original protein and carbohydrates, the fermented coarse grains are preserved as completely as possible under the action of yeast, which allows the elderly to consume as much as possible, thereby improving the sensitivity of the nervous system.Especially good for the eyes.
銆€銆€Dr. Liu suggested that coarse grain fermentation must use purer quality yeast, and it can be purchased in regular stores. Otherwise, it will affect the effect of fermentation. Sometimes it will 鈥渃an not be opened鈥? and the taste and nutrition will be lost.
銆€銆€Because the coarse grain is 鈥渘ot sweet鈥?on the taste, it is better for the elderly with poor gastrointestinal function and poor appetite. 鈥淐oarse grain is finely made.鈥?When the fermented whole grain is used as a taro, you can add some milk to enhance the calcium.The content, or add some red dates that can qi and blood, can open the mind and refresh the walnut.
銆€銆€Of course, if there is a small oven or microwave in the house, the old man can also use the coarse grains to make sweet and delicious cakes. In this way, the 鈥渃ontent鈥?in the cake may be put more, like raisins, dried apricots, peanuts, etc., which are good for the body.After the cake is baked, you can also pour some chocolate sauce, and the surrounding fruit is mixed with it, which seems to make people appetite.