“Cai Changyi,I love you Cai Changyi……Oh oh oh……”

“Yiyi!Yiyi!!You’re the best!We’ll support you forever……”
As a group of netizens who did not watch the movie,In the live broadcast of Shanhai.com,I was amazed。
Not to mention how much money Shanhai.com actually spent on this premiere,Just say that the big guys who can’t come for money,Enough to see《Gift in Room 7》The popularity of。
Even the audience who watched it felt very, very lively,Shen Huan at the scene also felt that there were lots of people,The celebrities appear as if they don’t need money,If you still take film photos,I don’t know if bringing a hundred is enough。
Xiao Shui Shui is very smart,Never come,She doesn’t like too many people。
Fortunately, he appeared at the premiere today,Not Teacher Chu Liuxiang,Otherwise he will be busier than Zhu Mei。
Although Mr. Lu Xiaofeng is also a superstar in the entertainment industry,But at this time he is definitely not the protagonist。
Shen Huan was also happy to hide behind,After greeting a group of people in the music industry,I look around at the stars that I rarely see on weekdays。
The biggest stars in China,Whether it is a movie star、TV stars or singers,Even the skits and variety stars,All appeared here。
They all wear the best clothes,Dress up to suit your image best,Attending this feast。
Shen Huan mainly looks at beautiful young ladies。
The film and television circle is the fame and fortune circle,The female stars who can stand out here,I dare not say that I am all over the country,But it’s definitely first-class or even super-class。
But one thing is strange,Regardless of the most famous actor,Or the queens,Are not the best looking people。