Foot-foot spit for three minutes,Female driver turned,Summer in the spast body。

She thought about it.,Slowly take a few steps,Tutor,“Mr. Xia……you,Are you OK……”
Summer did not answer,It’s like sheep epilepsy。
“I……Mr. Xia,I,Can I go?……”
Female driver is frightened,Tremble with the sound。
Seeing that there is still no response in summer,She walked forward,Several steps,Take your legs。
but,Just ran more than a dozen meters long,Suddenly stopped。
What seems to be hesitant?,A few seconds,She returned back。
“Mr. Xia,Although you kill these people,but I……I believe you are a good person.,I,I can’t see death.。”
Say,She bites her teeth,Will support the summer to tremble the body,Let his arm on his shoulders。
“go,I send you……Return!”
Last two words spit out,This place is a female driver who is harmless.,The mouth is awkward。
And her other hand,I don’t know when to have a sharp knife of a cold light.,Telling towards the heart of summer。
This hit,Rapidly,Moment。
Since the speed is too fast,The sharp knife is actually leaving a short cold light in the air.。
When you look at the time of the summer heart,Female driver’s eyes,Finally, a smile。
The cost of fifty-seven people’s life,This guy is finally killed by himself.。
How is the master?!
Cave weathered heart,Like death!
“Die!Dear,I will give you a revenge.!”
The smile on the face of the female driver is getting more and more,Increasingly cruel,It seems that the blood of blood is spent.。
Just in the sprinter just hitting the summer body.,A cold voice suddenly sounded。
“Did you finally don’t help??”
Voice is just,Flavor,Female driver only feels arms,Her wrist has been firmly buckled by a slender five finger。
Female driver is full,Nonely thinking about thinking,Shoulder,I want to hit the summer。
Her reaction is not uncomfortable。
But someone is faster than him.。
Body shadow,Her shot of her shoulder,And her wrist is broken by life.,The sharp knife dropped,Alert。
The female driver screamed,The whole person has also fled over half air,Then, he was heavy on the wind above the valley.。