[Is it forbidden to drink millet porridge for diarrhea]_diarrhea_Can you drink it?

[Is it forbidden to drink millet porridge for diarrhea]_diarrhea_Can you drink it?

Diarrhea is a very uncomfortable thing, especially if it is not controlled effectively and causes dehydration, then the harm to health is relatively great, so we must pay attention to the correct treatment, and when diarrhea, especially in early stagesSome liquid foods do not need to ban drinking millet porridge. Drinking millet porridge will not increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and it is helpful for people with diarrhea and diarrhea.

First, diarrhea is forbidden to drink millet porridge. In the early stages of diarrhea, it is best to eat some liquid food, such as millet porridge, thick rice soup, thin rice flour, almond cream, degreased broth, light tea, filtered juice, etc .; eat when the situation improvesSome semi-liquid foods, such as noodles, pasta, white rice porridge, steamed custard and so on.

These foods are easy to digest, do not increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, and can supplement the body with rich nutrients, maintain the body’s basic energy, and have a significant help in the recovery of diarrhea.

Second, what is good for diarrhea 1, diarrhea can eat fruit to assist treatment.

Diarrhea can be supplemented with fruit, but not all fruits can be eaten.

You can eat apples, pomegranates, etc. for diarrhea; you cannot eat pears, watermelons, bananas, etc. for diarrhea.

Diarrhea, take 1 apple, cut into small pieces with belt core, and cook in water 3?
5 minutes, serve after warming, daily 2?
Three times, about 30 grams each time.

It should be noted that when eating cooked apples, sucrose should not be used for seasoning, because sucrose may worsen diarrhea.

2, diarrhea can drink porridge.

You can drink salted white porridge for diarrhea. It is recommended not to put meat.

At present, some chubby puppies have no meat, and parents are afraid that their children will not eat, and their physical strength cannot be restored, so they will cook meat porridge for their children.

“Porridge also increases the burden on the stomach.

Experts point out that after defecation, abdominal pain can not be alleviated, but at this time, the stomach and intestines have different degrees of edema due to disease. If you eat meat dishes, the disease will be aggravated. Therefore, two to three years after diarrhea are uncomfortable, and the diet should be light.Lord, do n’t prejudice to drink some porridge and add some salt.