Didn’t take others seriously,The result can be bad,Cheaper colleague。

You know that selling Mercedes-Benz cars is a high achievement,Besides, it’s a top-of-the-line car!There is this huge list,That salesperson will be laughing for the next six months。
“We will also give you a full set of car maintenance services,I wish you a happy car!”
Can sell millions of cars,The store manager can also get a lot of money!
Lin Yunren is silly
What kind of character is this Qin Shi?!
If you know Mr. Li,,He can barely make it。
How can you explain why you just spend 1.7 million to buy yourself a Mercedes-Benz?!
Qin Shi smiled and opened the car door,Sat in the driving position。
Lin Yun hasn’t been relieved from the surprise,I didn’t have time to ask,Got in the car。
The layout of the car is also very high-end,The leather seats make Lin Yun extremely comfortable to sit on,Till now,Lin Yun even feels like she is still alive in a dream。
“Then we go first,Oh yes,Those salesmen have a good service attitude,Just kept laughing at us in the corner。”
The store manager followed Qin Shi’s eyes,Very awkward expression,Those salesmen were sweating coldly。