“Haze,I think of it.,That all day, I am wrapped around,But I haven’t seen her many years.,I don’t know it.,But how can you think of she is looking for your bridesmaid??”

“Because we have to be good.,Although I don’t always meet,But we are the best friends who can tell themselves.。”
Blue Qiqi sits on makeup,Lin Wei Tian Polyjing God,What is the brothers and sisters talk?,He also didn’t pay attention。
“Just right,She is now entangled me now,I have to tell her clearly.,I don’t like her girl like her.。”
子 话,I don’t know why,Be distressed,Still physical pain,She suddenly felt that she did not breathe.。
She quickly turned away,All the way to the point of sign to http://www.knayt.cn the bathroom。
I ran to the toilet one breath,Her breathing is only smooth。
Looking at the handwear mirror,I have already been red。
Original,This love,No matter how many years in the past,Still such a strong hiding in her heart.。
Is her own self-deception。
She stayed in the bathroom for a while,When I received a phone call from Lan Qiqi,She packed her emotions,Go to the dressroom。
“Kiki,I am coming. 。”
She went in。
Automatically shielded that she was shocked by her shock.。
Lu Yuli heard the sound of sweetness,The instinct turns to see people,The loud voice made him instantly as if it was doubled.。
I still have to enjoy the beauty of each other.,His pupil,Seven years ago in my mind。
Today’s past many years,Remember that night,He http://www.hztpysyx.cn will feel a nightmare。
That night, the woman is actually a scorpion.。
This makes Lu Yuli deeply hit it.。
How can she be her??
“Shu Shu,You finally came.,Let the uncle Lin give you a makeup for a while.。”
Lan Qiqi makeup,Can’t move,Can only look at the scorpion with the eyes。
子 笑 laugh,Very happy。
“Shu Shu,I have two brothers,Do you remember??
You are his fans.。”
Lan Qi laughs and said。
子 舒 看 看 向 向,Men remain in memory,Handsome,Just than seven years ago,He looks nothing mature.,That is still,Lazy and scattered character is his behind-the-scenes。
He is very different from him on the big screen.。
子 蓝 蓝 蓝 蓝 浅 浅 浅 浅 浅:“Kiki,I haven’t seen you for a long time.,Don’t know。”
First2181Chapter Meet him is a male protagonist
A sentence“Don’t know”Let Lu Yuli awake,Woman who laughs like a flower,She said:“Kiki,I haven’t seen http://www.digetongfang.cn you for a long time.,Don’t know。”
I haven’t seen you for a long time.,Seven years,I have been a long time.。
“Shu Shu,You don’t remember it is also normal.,My brother has rarely returned to China.。”